There are millions of humanoid aliens living on the moon

Former CIA pilot John Lear gave a meeting that totally shocked the world. Lear announced debatable data such as names, subtleties and the range of 250 million humanoid outsiders who, as indicated by him, live on the Moon.

As if that weren’t true, Lear also announced that under the outer layer of the Moon, there are metropolitan regions where races of dark extraterrestrials reside. As indicated by the previous CIA pilot, in these underground offices are research facilities where hereditary analyzes are carried out.

John Lear is a notable and arguable person in the UFO people group. During the 80’s and 90’s, he made disclosures alluding to highly confidential data about extraterrestrial actions.

About then Lear said:

In 1953, a spacecraft crashed and captured an extraterrestrial we call EBE 3, who then helped the US government. build some space apparatus with extraterrestrial innovation. In 1962 we had vehicles that couldn’t go faster than the speed of light, similar to strange vehicles, but fast enough to get to the moon in an hour and a few hours to go to Mars. The main trip to Mars took place in 1966, even on the red planet there are about 600 million strange creatures and some human settlements. ”

john lear

According to Lear, NASA altered the photos taken by the Apollo 8, 10 and 11 missions to prevent some inner facts of the Moon from being discovered.

These photos were distributed in 1971 in NASA’s book SB2-46. Regardless of the alteration of the images, it is still conceivable to see a city, a space base, pipes, streets, vegetation, air, weather, 66% gravity in contrast to Earth, lights, mining activities and an atomic reactor.

To do this required a coordinated extraterrestrial effort, as numerous structures on the Moon were at that point before the tasks began.

This has been completed over the previous 40 years. John’s father had been associated with repulsive force innovation programs during the 1950’s, a top-secret innovation today.

As stated by Lear, all we know is that the Moon is an administrative hoax with the specific aim of hiding its extraterrestrial exercises and projects.

He also says that the public authority has hidden that there are several planets in the universe like Earth.

Lear added:

I can’t demonstrate it, or I would actually be dead. I can’t show you a picture of the USS Enterprise up there right now. It certainly intends to carry out the innovation acquired after the US government. I poured billions or trillions of dollars into Tesla exams in general. ”

Also, that’s not all. Lear also made another claim, which may be the most shocking of all. Lear said that our planet is really a planetary prison and fills in like a carceral foundation where inmates must reach a more meaningful level of consciousness.

Surprising articulations like the previous ones legitimately need proof. Tragically, Lear has no way of demonstrating this, and as he says, assuming he did, he would be dead.

We know that different experts who came close to reality ended their days in strange ways. Although these reports seem like a dream, we cannot eliminate them.

First world states make secret ventures, invest resources in cutting-edge innovation and have extraordinary insider insights that won’t disqualify. Gradually, we will come to know reality, and in all reality more intriguing than fiction.


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