U.S. Sailors Claim UFO Encounters Were Ripped Out of Ship’s Log Book

Do you believe the U.S. Defense Department is sharing all it knows about UFOs encountered by military pilots and ship personnel? Of course not. But … do you have proof to back up that claim? It looks like we may finally have that proof as a former crew member of the USS Ronald Reagan has come forward for a detailed interview on his shocking claim that hundreds of sailors saw a huge bright orange UFO hovering above the ship in 2004 – but records of the encounter were torn out of the ship’s log book. What does this mean about the UFO seen? What does it mean about the Pentagon’s new UFO data collecting and reporting department? Will concerns about national security ever allow real and accurate eyewitness data about unidentified aerial phenomena encounters by military personnel to be released to the general public? Is this man – and other whistleblowers like him – in danger for what he has revealed?

“In 2004, sailors aboard USS Ronald Reagan (CVN-76) say they encountered a mysterious, orb-shaped flying object UFO or UAP off the eastern coast of the United States, that nearly two decades later, still defies explanation.”

To understand the significance of this revelation that US Navy officers ordered sailors to commit acts against the standards they had been taught to follow in order to cover up a strange UFO encounter, we have to go back to May of 2022 when an interview of five sailors detailing the experience was released by documentary filmmaker Dave C. Beaty, who produced 2019 film “The Nimitz Encounters” about the famous 2004 US Navy encounter with the “Tic Tac” UFO. Beaty states upfront that this UFO was no Tic Tac.

“When I say burning bush and I mean that in the Eastern Orthodox way. I’ve had a lot of time to unpack this experience, but in the Eastern Orthodox church, they explain the burning bush as unburnt energy. There’s this kind of mystical idea of negative energy…, when you see it, you are entranced by the novelty of it. You’ve never seen it before. Right? You’ve never seen negative energy. Right? But it’s there, you don’t know what it is, the experience of seeing something you haven’t seen before.”

Beaty interviewed Karol Olesiak, a Quartermaster (QM3) who was stationed on the USS Ronald Reagan during the encounter, which Olesiak believes occurred in or near the Bermuda Triangle – Beaty points out that most Navy crewmen are not told the position of the ship while at sea.  He estimated the object to be the size of a fighter jet and about 100 yards above the ship. The ship has a crew of about 6,000 people, and it was later estimated that about 200 witnessed the UAP. Olesiak put Beaty in contact with other witnesses, including Boatswain’s Mate Seaman (BMSN) Derek Smith, and some who wished to remain anonymous, who confirmed Olesiak’s account. (Beaty’s report can be read here.) Olesiak noted that he was surprised at how calm the crew was both during the encounter and afterward – including himself. Another witness who spoke on record to Beaty was SN (Seaman) Patrick Gokey, who was on lookout and described the movement of the object to the filmmaker.

“But it was this floating orange ball and it sat there for 30 seconds. It didn’t seem to move, but we were moving during the flight ops, and it seemed to stay with us. But without any movement that you could discern. After that, it just did three half circles, just 1, 2, 3, and it was gone.“

And then …

“Maybe half hour, an hour later I rotated watch stations and I was on the fan tail by myself. And the same thing, it came back by us on the fan tail and it hovered, you know, maybe a hundred or 200 feet in the air in the same, you know, maybe the same distance behind it did three half circles and it took off.”

You may be wondering why it is that we know so much about the Tic Tac UFOs encountered by the USS Nimitz but nothing on this encounter. In Beaty’s latest interview with him, Patrick Gokey reveals what happened.

“I remember one of the officer’s on the deck ordering someone to take the pages out of the deck logbook. For me that was the most surprising thing, because I was always told in the Navy that whatever you write in that logbook is a legal record and you can’t destroy it out rip it out.”

Gokey says he thinks the removal of the records was ordered by the Boatswain’s Mate Of the Watch (BMOW) or one of the other officers on watch. Gokey told Beaty he wasn’t surprised everyone was so calm (Derek Smith said the same thing) because “everyone onboard is trained to do their job even when unexpected things happen, and that’s exactly what everyone did.” He also said this was his only paranormal experience – in or out of the Navy.

After the latest video was uploaded a few days ago to Beaty’s YouTube page, The Nimitz Encounters, he answered questions posted by viewers. He said none of the witnesses reported hearing any sound, feeling any heat or smelling any odor from the bright orange UAP. There were no other ships in the area it could have come from or been controlled by. One commenter asked why there were no photos of videos of the object – the filmmaker has created simulations from the eyewitness descriptions – and Beaty said the carrier had “numerous deck mounted video cameras” but he couldn’t request videos under the Freedom of Information Act because he doesn’t have an exact date of the encounter because not one of the witnesses remembered for sure and then there’s that pesky ripped up log book. Finally, he speculates on what the blob (one popular naval description of the orange orb) might be:

“Most of the open source info on those seem to suggest they use rapid pulsing of laser to create an almost “dot matrix” type of visual display, not so much a 40 foot wide blob of plasma that flies around.”

A huge bright orange UAP hovers over the USS Ronald Reagan in 2004 somewhere in or near the Bermuda Triangle. While there are hundreds of witnesses, one or more officers orders the report to be ripped out of the ship’s log. It takes into 2022 for a few witnesses to feel brave enough to reveal what they saw and the cover up. Does anyone trust the Pentagon to tell us the truth about UAPs?

Kudos to Karol Olesiak for continuing to tell his story, and to David Beaty for bringing these accounts out into the open.


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