US Army Colonel Claimed Aliens In Roswell UFO Crash Were Bio-Robots, Built For Space Travel

The information about the Roswell crash and the so-called Extraterrestrial Biological Entities revealed by retired US Army officer Philip James Corso was a breathtaking move in the history of ufology. In his 21 years of service he claimed to have been involved in researching extraterrestrial technology recovered from the Roswell incident in 1947.

Born 1915 Corso served in the US Army from 1942 to 1963 retiring from the rank of lieutenant colonel. According to him US policy was clear that UFOs and aliens do not exist. They were led to believe it. But there were some great men who expressed themselves as believers. Some of them were General Douglas McArthur General George Marshall, Werner Von Braun, President Ronald Reagan, General Nathan Twining, General Walter Bedell Smith, Dr. Carl Gustav Jung and many others.

Corso emphasized that the advancement in technology that the world has achieved in recent decades would not be possible without the spacecraft from other worlds. Scientists like Dr. Herman Oberth, Stanton T. Friedman, Robert Sarbaeher, WE Smith, Dr. Werner Von Braun, etc., are dismissed or ridiculed when they say, “We cannot take credit for our record advances in certain scientific fields alone. We were helped by people from other worlds.”

General Brown (left) shakes hands with Major Philip Corso who has just received his bronze star in Rome. Image credit: Wikimedia Commons

He highlighted the intervention of aliens in the history of mankind referring to the Sumerians who claimed that the EBEs were the most advanced in the studies and manipulation of DNAs, skilled in cloning. “We believed that the beings from the Roswell crash were clones. The Sumerians called them IGIGIs. They were used to transport the ‘Gods’ to earth and remained continuously in subspace and circled the globe-earth,” Corso explained.

During his military career, Corso received nine clearances above “Top Secret”. These included cryptographic, satellite, encoding and intercepting special operational authorizations, and the “Eyes Only” category of White House special affairs (NSC). This allowed him to keep an eye on matters within the government that included information about UFOs.

He was the head of the Extraterrestrial Technology Division in US Army R&D. He received information that a sample recovered from the western desert of the United States was from a UFO. The material had immense strength, but at the same time it was light as a feather. It was perfect for space travel and no space debris could harm it.

Corso concluded that UFOs existed. His team had reports of objects from a mothership and they believe that what was recovered were parts of sphere-type probes. Usually four or five of them came from each flying saucer. He further explained that the radar images of the formations are likely those probes that surround a flying saucer or two. They dissolved into a transparent alignment of atoms.

The Roswell Story by Philip Corso

Upon visiting the crash site, Corso was convinced it was a UFO. His faith in UFOs came from his work in R&D, where radars once blocked an object flying at over 3,000 miles per hour.

Upon examination of items recovered from the crashed ship, a harness-like system was discovered. Corso argued that many technical discoveries that appeared in the following decades, such as Kevlar armor, fiber optics, transistors, night vision devices and the integrated circuit chip were a direct result of what scientists studied and found inside the alien spacecraft. He also stated that his job was to transfer alien technology to American companies.

The interior of the ship was illuminated by a greenish-yellow light. The light appeared to be emitted from solid metal, possibly a variation of the alignment of the atom within the ship’s structural members. This was discovered early on from small pieces. When a light was applied to one end the entire piece would light up and glow. This was thought to be a variation on fiber optic tubes. It is unknown if the source of the light or greenish-yellow glow was found.

Gray Alien Biological Robots

Co-authors of ‘The Day After Roswell’, Bill Birnes and Colonel Philip Corso.

In 1957 while commanding the Army Missile Range in Red Canyon, New Mexico, part of the White Sands Proving Grounds, Coros encountered a very perplexing problem. There has been a lot of speculation that UFOs engage in time travel. He later discussed this with German scientists and they were of the opinion that this was the fact that the incredible acceleration of UFOs and the flashy disappearance and appearance are caused by exiting and entering a time dimension.

An interesting version that Corso put forward was that the two UFOs were entering our time zone at the same instant they collided. One crashed in Roswell, the other was damaged and the wreckage landed in our time zone. It accelerated to incredible speed, exceeding its own limits and crashed west of Red Canyon in the White Sands area, but gained 10 years and crashed in 1957.

In 1997 Corso and writer William J. Birnes published a book that revealed many secrets and mysteries that took place during the events of Roswell in 1947. The book “The Day After Roswell” immediately became a sensation among UFO researchers and conspiracy theorists. .

In the book there are so many strong revelations about aliens that even ufologists considered it partially fictional or very exaggerated. At the same time Corso died suddenly of an unexpected heart attack just a few months after the publication of his book. Conspiracy theorists believed that he was simply silenced by higher authorities because he had revealed too much.

In general according to all the above facts it does not prove that in the late 1990’s he was influenced by extraterrestrial beings. He also repeatedly participated in interviews with the American radio talk show “Costa to Coast AM“.

He repeatedly argued that the US government was hiding the truth about UFOs and aliens in order to profit from it in the tech sector. In the book he described not only UFO technology, but also talked about the alien bodies found during the crash.

According to him the Gray aliens, also called Zeta Reticulans, were not really aliens, but bio-machines created especially to work on other planets. He wrote that as far as he knew no one had encountered real aliens and all eyewitnesses or abductees had only seen large-headed, black-eyed “biomachines”.

To prove his claim Corso described what he had seen during the autopsy. He wrote that these aliens had no digestive systems and their bodies were attached to the spacecraft as if they were controlled via spacecraft.

He further wrote that these extraterrestrial biological objects as indicated in the autopsy reports were humanoid robots specially designed to travel long distances in space and time.


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