This archaeologist claims to be a traveler from the year 6491 and that’s what counts

James Oliver, is the name of a man who claims to be a time traveler, from the year 6491, he decided to reveal his existence on our planet through a YouTube video where he offers some details about him, his time and future terrestrial events. . Could he be a real time traveler?

An alien from the future
Most impressive of all, however, is not that James is a time traveler, nor that he hails from the year 6491, but rather that he claims he comes from a different planet than Earth, in a different planetary system than our own. Undoubtedly, this adds an extra touch to his story.

stuck in the earth
As James Oliver tells us in his video, he is currently stranded on our planet, because the 2018 super blue moon interfered with his ship’s transmission systems, completely damaging the operating systems and preventing him from communicating with the ship.

He says he can stay here on Earth

an alien archaeologist
Following this line, James says that on his planet he is like a kind of archeologist, however, he does not delve into details about his profession, claiming that they are protocols of the company he works for. He then says that major volcanic eruptions will occur on Earth that will cause catastrophes.

However, some questions arise regarding the story of the alleged time traveler: If he comes from the future and has advanced technology, how could he not have foreseen the blue moon that caused his accident? Also, if he’s a time traveler, why did he decide to reveal his identity and history through a YouTube channel?

Finally, this is one of the many testimonies that exist on the internet about alleged time travelers, their authenticity is a debatable issue and the decision to believe or not to believe is a personal one. Which side are you on? Do you believe the story of James Oliver?

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