Is reincarnation real? They find “evidence” that proves it

Many ancient civilizations believed in reincarnation, so they prepared the dead for the “journey”. While it was always thought of as simple mythology, experts have found evidence that it’s real.

Currently, at least 51% of the world’s population believes that somehow there is life after death. Furthermore, at least 7% believe that we are someone who has already reincarnated. This makes belief in reincarnation virtually a given.

When this event is understood as an evolutionary process of soul energy, it follows that certain people have experienced different things in past lives. These same are reflected in the spirit.

A reencarnação é real? Eles encontram "evidências" que provam isso

evidence of reincarnation
Most personal aspects, experiences and abilities of current life are reflections of what has already been lived. The more a person evolves, the more qualified he is for certain experiences and obtains a greater spiritual experience.

Each person, to a greater or lesser degree, went through this process, experiencing certain events.

One of them is “strange” dreams, usually continuous, which at first seem to make no sense. However, they may be reflections of past life experiences. Like some phobia, fear or problems.

This is the reason why many claim to know a place or someone without ever having seen it.

Intuition is the ability to keep the conscious and unconscious mind in balance. Thus, each person can take advantage of primordial wisdom and innate knowledge. Furthermore, it is believed that when the soul evolves, it is closer to returning to the “source” it came from.

Another situation that we all experience is the feeling of déjà vu. The feeling of living something that has already happened, that is born spontaneously, triggered by some sense.

Experts from the scientific community assure that this sensation is a neurological dissonance. However, alternative researchers suggest it could be reflective of other dimensions.

Learn about future or past events
Precognition is the ability to obtain information about events that will happen in the future. This process can occur through visions, sensations, feelings or dreams.

While this is a quasi-scientific fact, the experience of precognition may be related to the maturation of the soul. Experience that was gained during reincarnation.

A reencarnação é real? Eles encontram "evidências" que provam isso

But unlike precognition, there is retrocognition. When someone may know information that is not available about past events. These may relate to your own life or to some time in the past.

Obviously, retrocognition is difficult to confirm, but for those who experience it, it is a sign of reincarnation.

In this regard, there are many people who feel older or younger than they really are. A clear reflection associated with the “Age of the Soul”.

And finally, those who have reincarnated have memories and experiences of events in other lives that leave traces in the current ones. For example, there are many people who are afraid of the sea, without ever having gone to a beach. Or people who are afraid of flying, even if they’ve never been on a plane.

There are many aspects that experts have linked to the existence of reincarnation. Of course, there are still people skeptical about this fact, but the evidence is almost irrefutable…

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