The Strange Case of the Shepherd and the Alien

Alien encounters can get pretty strange, and can seemingly happen anywhwere, yet some are even stranger than others. In June of 1979, a local shepherd by the name of Sagynbay was at his home in the Torgay Region of what was then the Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic, in the center of Kazakhstan not far from the industrial city of Arkalyk, when he awoke to a bright shimmering light in the sky outside his window. When he looked outside the sky seemed to be “sparkling,” and he also could make out what appeared to be a bright object through the trees not far from his home. Curious as to what it could be, Sagynbay got on his horse and headed out towards that enigmatic glow, thinking that it might be an airplane or downed satellite, but it was soon to prove to be far more bizarre than anything he could have imagined. Here we get into a rather odd case of an alien encounter that goes beyond the usual strangeness.

After venturing closer to the otherworldly glow, he noticed that this was no airplane or satellite, but rather a large, silver disk-shaped object that seemed to have come down to plow into the earth. Although it was half buried in the ground, the object did not seem to have been particularly damaged, and Sagynbay warily circled it from a safe distance trying to figure out what it was. As he did so, around 100 meters from the disk he allegedly came across a dark, oval object that was completely smooth and looked to him like a “dark-coal egg,” but he was unsure if it had anything to do with the disk or was just a strange, highly polished boulder. As he stood there staring at it, his was suddenly startled to see the black egg open to disgorge a strange entity from within, described as being very tall and having disproportionately long limbs, a head twice the size of a human’ and large glowing eyes. This being then exited the black egg and began walking towards Sagynbay and his horse.

Sagynbay’s first reaction was to bolt away and get out of there, but the creature did not seem to be acting in a threatening way, and did not seem to be aggressive or dangerous, so the curious shepherd stayed there where he was, wondering what it wanted and where it was from. When the strange being drew closer, Sagynbay had the impression that it was scared, injured, and needed help, so he offered to let it get on his horse and took it back to his farm as he walked on foot and led the animal by the bridle. Although his wife was shocked to see this obviously non-human entity at her home, she purportedly felt herself to be under some sort of psychic control, unable to resist obeying when her husband asked her to ready dinner and a bed for it.

For dinner they had a traditional Kazakh dish called “beshbarmak,” which the creature seemed to enjoy, but it did not eat any meat, and although it seemed to understand what was said to it, it did not utter a single word or sound the entire time. When it came time for it to go to bed, it refused to use the bed, instead opting to sit upon the dining room table and close his eyes, apparently in some sort of trance. Not knowing whether it was actually asleep or not, the perplexed couple went to their room, wondering what they should do with their strange visitor.

The next morning, a Soviet military vehicle pulled up to the house, and sensing that they were looking for the visitor Sagynbay ushered the being to the barn outside and gestured for it to hide there. When he talked to the military officers, they asked him if they had seen anything unusual the previous evening, which he said he hadn’t. These military officers apparently snooped around the property and around the village for the rest of the morning before heading back to their base without finding anything out of the ordinary. For the next two weeks, this otherworldly visitor lived at the shepherd’s house, occasionally leaving the barn to interact with villagers, never speaking but rather using gestures. During this time, it was reported to have even learned how to play cards, chess, and checkers, and then one day it was suddenly gone without a trace.

On the day of this vanishing, a strange incident happened near the city of Derzhavinsk, near a nuclear weapons storage facility around 100 kilometers away, where villagers were reporting seeing fireballs in the sky and tall, thin humanoids with large heads and glowing eyes. On one occasion, a group of children from the Beryozka pioneer camp claimed that they had been approached by a 3-meter tall alien with sparkling, glowing red eyes and which had seemed to want to communicate with them. The same creature was purportedly seen with another similar being around the area looking as if they were searching for something. That evening, a loud rumbling was heard and the creatures were seen again. Witnesses were interviewed by the military and the KGB officers, and it is unknown what happened after that, what these entities wanted, or if there is a link between this and the shepherd’s case.  What was going on here, is there anything to it or is it just the product of imagination? There is no way to really know and we can only add it to the long list of strange alien encounters.

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