Future Traveler Claims She Was On Mars In 3812, Shows Proof

One woman said that Mars had many high properties with robots and humans living together. The person who claimed to be on Mars in 3812 showed proof of it.

A 37-year-old woman named Mary, of British nationality, recently surprised scientists by announcing that she would return to Earth from Mars. This future-turned woman says she\’s been on Mars since… 3812.

I wasn\’t sure whether Mars was inhabited by robots and humans, but Mary also had proof of a photograph taken of her. She said this photo was taken from her spaceship.

In a video interview, Mary said: “I was on Mars in a deserted place with a lot of skyscr̳a̳p̳e̳rs. I always took a photo to register. You can see my spaceship.”

Mary says that on Mars people and robots live together.

Mary said: “Mars is really interesting, but also very scary. I am scared.” A reader who watched the clip on APEX TV said: “I saw Mary giving very convincing evidence, I credit her.”

Mary is not the only person to claim to have set foot on the surface of the Red Planet. Nothing more than a conversation on a radio show from the 1930s shocked many people about the expectation of a man. This disseter person did not travel in time and described many mysteries.

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