7,500 Ancient Stone Carved With Aliens Unearthed in Armenia

Ancient stones and artifacts can reveal a lot about a society, culture or people. By seeing what ancient relics and artifacts are within a region we can better understand the society of the culture at the time. Such as this alien tomb that was found in a remote Amazon Jungle. 

Recently an ancient stone that is said to be dating back 7,500 years or more, was found in 2019 at the prehistoric archaeological site Zorats Karer, Armenia. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

In this stone you can supposedly see two gray aliens holding hands. Or perhaps, giving a fist-bump.

The theory is that an advanced race of aliens could have come from the star Deneb (or around it) to our planet in remote times, and had contact with the primitive humans, and these immortalized the moment in this relief in stone.

Aliens Carved in Stone in Armenia

Check Out The Alien Image Here:

Look at this image. It is quite clear that these are aliens holding hands or standing next to each other. One alien (the one on the right) appears to be pointing in a direction and attempting to lead the other alien in that way.




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