A large, unknown space wheel was captured on camera as it traveled across the solar system.

NASA has now confirmed the existence of a massive space wheel that drifted through our solar system and came dangerously close to striking our Sun.

Although NASA has tried to dissuade people from talking about it by claiming that this is all simply a satellite camera failure, we are the only ones who have access to the footage of this almost catastrophic incident that was captured by their own satellite.

We are aware of NASA’s efforts to conceal information from us, and this is a fact, so it is simple to see how scared they must be when pieces of evidence this size manage to get through the cracks.

What precisely is this finding, then? In essence, it appears as though a massive, complicated wheel is traversing our solar system.

We won’t even go into detail about its size, which is far greater than our entire planet; its speed alone would be enough to destroy even the most technologically advanced ship we’ve ever produced. It appears to be the only wheel-shaped U̳F̳O̳ we’ve ever observed, making its form by far the most peculiar feature.

NASA has made an effort to minimize this, even going so far as to say that a satellite failure occurred while recording the wheel as it traveled through our solar system. But don’t we already know better than to trust them?

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