500-year-old vampire skeleton discovered in Poland

The skeleton of a 16th century “vampire” man has been unearthed and displayed in a museum.

Experts have identified this man as being buried with a “vampire” ritual.

The skeleton is believed to be a vampire discovered in Poland.

This skeleton was discovered two years ago in an old cemetery in the town of Kamien Pomorski, northern Poland. According to experts, this is what remains of a man. Currently, the skeleton has been announced and has become the main attraction of the Kamien History Museum. Organizers are preparing an exhibition dedicated to vampires.

The body was found with a stake closed in the leg and a small stone in the mouth. Vampire experts say the stone was placed in the body\’s mouth to prevent that person from biting or sucking other people\’s blood. The tibia and femur bones were pierced with iron rods to keep the vampires from leaving the tomb.

Slawomir Gorka, the leader of the search party, found the skeleton in a cemetery near the town\’s church, explaining that the man could have been buried in the 16th century. The coffin, making it difficult to determine the exact date this man died.

The vampire\’s remains are on display at the Kamien Museum of History

Several similar “vampire” tombs have been discovered in Poland, showing that such tombs are popular in the Kamien Pomorski area in the 13th to 17th centuries.

It is believed that people considered “evil” can turn into vampires after de̳a̳t̳h̳ unless they are pierced in the chest before being buried. These people are usually intellectuals, aristocrats, or clerics.

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