An ancient underground city with many giant skeletons was discovered in the Grand Canyon

Have giants ever lived on this planet? According to GE Kinkaid, they sure as hell did, as he was the first to discover an underground city full of giant skeletons in the Grand Canyon around the 20th century.

That\’s right, with financial support from the Smithsonian Institution, he ventured down the Colorado River and ended up arriving at the secret entrance about 1,500 feet below the canyon wall.

He reported his findings to the Arizona Gazette, and on April 5, 1909, they devoted an entire article to this discovery.

The underground city reached 1,600 meters and after he started exploring it, government figures penalized him and took him away.

Despite being threatened with not revealing any information about the city, he didn\’t let that stop him.

So what exactly did he discover here? According to him, the city is full of giant skeletons. Not only that, but the underground city was definitely built for use by huge humanoid creatures.

Inside he also found several statues, two of them especially huge, 30 meters high.

Most of the mummies he found here were no less than eight feet tall, and they were all wrapped in dark linen.

Inside, he also found several tablets filled with A̳n̳c̳i̳e̳n̳t̳ Egyptian hieroglyphics, interestingly enough.

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