UFO drops ‘fireballs’ near Arizona military base in clip baffling US Air Force

A medical assistant was left startled when she filmed “fireballs” near a military training area in Mesa, Arizona, with the air force inconclusive about what the sighting could be

Air Force chiefs have been left completely stumped by video of a U̳F̳O̳ dropping “fireballs” near a military installation.

The footage was recorded in the US city of Mesa, Arizona, not far from a site, codenamed Outlaw, used for military operations.

But the Federal Aviation Administration, Luke Air Force Base and the Army National Guard could offer no answers when approached with the clip.

Kerri Burnett and her fiancé, Doug Maier, who recorded the footage, were watching the planes coming in and out of the nearby Sky Harbor airport when the unusual lights caught their attention.

Kerri, 42, said: “I love to watch the skies.

“It was a cloudy night and had drizzled off and on.

“Regular planes had been flying by since we can see the flight path for the airport.

“All of a sudden I saw this bright glowing orange light.

“I thought it was a planet or a star at first and then I realised ‘oh that’s close and it’s moving towards us’.

“Then ‘boom’ it started dropping what looked like orange fireballs or something that travelled for a few seconds before they faded out and disappeared.”

When a local news crew reached out to Kerri, they told her that aviation experts had suggested it could be parachute flares, used by the military during training.

But they also told her that air force and aviation officials were inconclusive about her sighting.

Kerri recalled: “The interviewer informed us of his research, speaking to Luke AFB who confirmed it was nothing from them.

“He also stopped at a place where he saw an FAA member and showed him the video, and that too was inconclusive.”

It’s not the first time Arizona has had a U̳F̳O̳ mystery – the sighting harks back to 1997 when thousands of people spotted strange lights in the skies over Phoenix.

There remains no concrete explanation for the ‘Phoenix Lights’ incident.

Likewise, Kerri, who works as a medical assistant, still has no idea what she saw.

She continued: “If it was a bright headlight from a plane, how come I can’t see the red and blue lights or hear any type of aircraft noise?

“For it to be that high, it can’t be a drone otherwise that drone would be huge.

“And then when it started dropping things – holy cow my mind went crazy!”

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