Mysterious ‘structure’ spotted on moon – before NASA ‘DELETES’ image

The baffling video begins with a photo of the moon taken from C̳h̳i̳n̳a̳’s Chang’e 3 moon mission back in 2013, which shows the grey surface’s trademark craters in incredible detail.

Inspecting the image, nothing seems to be out of the ordinary on the moon’s surface.

But as the conspirator overlaps the picture with another taken of the same area, it seems something has been edited out of NASA’s original snap.

As the theorists changes the exposure of the photo, an outline of what looks like a building begins to appear.

The supposed building can be seen to have a specific curved shape similar to an old-fashioned lounge chair as it pokes out of the moon’s surface.

On the topic of the baffling photo, Eric explains: “The original image was said to have detailed a structure but was replaced by another similar image of the same lunar terrain and without the structure.

“But since the official NASA images now show no detail [of the structure] it’s said the image containing the structure must have been faked.”

The clip has sparked a conspiracy meltdown since its upload on Sunday (December 16).

One person wrote: “It’s not about the ‘lights in sky and the lies on the ground’ anymore – it’s about the U̳F̳O̳’s presence.”

Another shocked viewer commented: “Thank you for alerting me.”

Earlier this week, an astrologist captured what some are calling the “best footage of all time” on his telescope.

And just last month, conspirators spotted what they believe to be a “secret base” on the moon.

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