Claim Video Captures ‘Close Encounter’ With Alien Craft Over Fargo, US

UFO hunters have bizarrely claimed an amateur video clip depicts an alien craft hovering over North Dakota.

Alien life conspiracy theorists suggest an anomaly reportedly filmed in the skies over Fargo last week could be a UFO. A 100-second-long smartphone footage uploaded to video-sharing site YouTube purports to show unexpected lights illuminating a foggy morning.

After zooming in on the object, pin-points of bright light appear to form a circular shape, commonly associated with so-called ‘flying saucers.

Mr Waring wrote: “This UFO report just came into MUFON [Mutual UFO Network] today.

“A guy was driving home from work when he saw some strange pulsating lights up ahead.

Some claim a video has captured a ‘close encounter’ with an alien craft over the US

“The lights didn’t fly away, but were hovering in place in the fog.

“From what I see when I slow down the video, there is a black thick disk at the centre of these lights.”

Waring proceeds to outlandishly claim, without offering any substantial evidence, this is a UFO hovering in place.

He wrote: “It’s possible what this person was witnessing was a close encounter with a UFO that had just landed and had aliens disembark to study the inhabitants of this small town before they woke up.

Many so-called ‘sightings’ are clearly fakes

“Wow, just an amazing encounter – I only wish he had stopped the car and gotten out to record more, but I’m sure fear played a part in him driving off.”

The ET evangelist also includes a statement he claims originates from the eyewitness.

They are quoted as saying: “I finished work at 7.20am and as I sat at the stoplight I saw this glow in the fog.

“I took out my phone to take a video. The lights just sat there, not moving an inch.”

UFO fact checker Scott Brando of, told “Glowing ring UFO over Fargo, North Dakota, USA on Jan. 9, 2021? Nope, that’s a high mast lighting pole.“

Waring’s wholly unsubstantiated claims attracted scores of comments on his YouTube channel.

And some commentators were distinctly unimpressed by his interpretation of the video.

This image was captured over New Mexico in the 1950s

YouTube viewer The Mayor offers a more prosaic explanation, writing: “We have these same round lights above all the roundabouts in Washington state.

“They are on poles about 70ft high in the fog I could take the same picture.”

And Nocturnal News appeared to agree, adding: “@UFO Sightings Daily I am 100 percent sure that his street lights I see this all the time in Houston on interstate 45.”

Such sightings of apparent “alien craft” hovering in the heavens are almost certainly instances of wishful thinking.


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