Giant UFO Mothership Discovered On Moons Surface In Old Apollo 17 Photo, Sept 24, 2013 Discovery.

This photo is in the NASA collection at the University of Arizona…gota love them. ASU got them directly from Lydon B. Johnson Space Center.

Photo description below.
Image ID: AS17-160-23947; Subject area: Sea of Rains, Timocaris, E wall
Camera: Nikon; Film Type: 2485; Latitude: 23.9; Camera tilt: 51; Sun Elevation: 2.0; Magazine: 160; Lens: Focal 55; Camera Azimuth: 341; Mission Activity: REV 4

You know me, I trust NASA about as far as I can through them. I had to check out some new photos of the Apollo 17 mission…new to me I mean. These were hidden away on a little known site so less people investigate them. This mothership is amazing.

In this particular photo I found a very long a̳l̳i̳e̳n̳ ship. It looks to be made from a white ceramic-like material, but also has a black structure on top of it at its middle. Notice the right angle walls on the black structure at the ships center.

Please check it out and confirm it in comments below, NASA will delete this photo when they discover it in a few months, so please share this info with others. SCW

In the above photo you can see what looks like a cigar shaped U̳F̳O̳ docked at a cliff side to give it added protection from both meteorites and detection.

In the above you can see what I often talk about…the black structures on the moon. There are 4 types that I have found before, glass like, white ceramic like, flat black, and smaller structures which are gray metallic in color.

Above you see an example of the full photo, however the link photo is higher size. I circled in red the objects of interest so that when you go to the original NASA source, you can find them. SCW

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