Greetings From Planet Nibiru? Huge Dark Object Passes Through Sun Blocking Satellite View

On August 20, 2022 the solar satellite SDO AIA 304 recorded an object that appeared for some time between the camera and the Sun.

That\’s not to say the event is unprecedented – it happens to satellites from time to time. And every time the employees offer very good explanations: in some cases they say it\’s the moon in other cases they talk about some kind of curtain in the satellite\’s optical systems.

It\’s absolutely impossible for non-NASA people to verify where the satellite is located at any given time, we also don\’t know the design of their devices, so it\’s usually impossible to confirm or deny officials. However, not this time:

As can be clearly seen from the series of images, the edge of the shadow that falls on the Sun is very blurred. It never happens!

Had it been the moon, some sort of optical shutter or some similar object the shadow\’s edge would have been sharp. But here the shadow is diffused. The only explanation for this phenomenon is the presence of a certain translucent shell at the origin of the shadow, reminiscent of the atmosphere. And since the moon, so to speak, has no atmosphere, it means that some other planet has arisen between the Sun and the satellites that have an atmosphere. For example:

Current view of the Nibiru complex in a weaker telescope:

Thus, when viewed in perspective, a complex of several moons forming a cross is visible. But it is over a certain cross in the sky that all the witnesses of Nibiru are winning – they have seen it in their visions and continue to do so.

Almost a year ago the topic of Nibiru was mostly food for thought and the subject of discussions for nibirologists, ie everyone guessed that something was flying towards us, they gave themselves various evidence and clues. But it has nothing to do with our lives.

However now everything has changed radically and the world is on the verge of plunging into total chaos some episodes are already happening in certain regions. And so the nibirologists predicted for the H hour – either people will be somehow distracted from what is happening in the sky, occupying them with a global pattern, or a Great Harvest will be organized for guests from space, during which 2/ 3 of the populations will be diminished.

Now judging by what is happening around and in the sky, all this is clearly approaching.

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