Humanity Intercepted Alien Messages: “Do You Want Us To Appear?”

We know for a fact that the governments of the planet hide great secrets that could change the conception of our lives and help us understand our origin and the universe that surrounds us.
The sightings are now massive (swarms) and are repeated in many cities around the world, hence these possible alien messages are totally true.

Here is a clear example

The human race has received thousands and thousands of messages from aliens. Whether written or verbal, they all seem to relate to the top five messages they want to spread.

The first of the alien messages.
It refers to ecology, they talk about how shameful humanity is, a corruption of everything, including itself and if we don’t change our ways they will be forced to act on their own.

Alien messages the second is about scientific knowledge.
They have shared so much knowledge so far that it has even been speculated that they were behind most of the discoveries of the past and that they helped build some of the most impressive constructions of all time.

The third is about artifacts that we can’t explain today. Some trinkets are from a past time and we don’t know how to find them.
The alien message room

It’s about God’s purpose in this Universe and how aliens call him the “Supreme Intelligence.”

Last but not least, we have the last message. It is a question of morality. This means that they decide that they have had enough and that they come to establish a set of rules to guide us towards a better future.

The last message the experts received and confirmed is a combination of the above, “Do you want us to show up?”
It’s definitely dark enough to be any of the above, but unfortunately it’s still something we need to study to fully understand. That is sure. .

The image of the crop circle that illustrates this article is part of the alien messages, it was the response to a message sent by two scientists including Carl Sagan from a space observatory in Puerto Rico, where they exposed data about us humans including our DNA on extraterrestrial message is in binary codes and was translated but not understood there is a supposed DNA that they cannot decipher.


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