Two UFOs appear during the launch of Space X (Video)

During the last launch of Space X, two unknown objects were recorded “observing the mission”.

During the trajectory of the aerospace company Space X, we have been reporting for a long time the number of anomalies and why not say it, strange objects that accompany launches into space. Last Thursday, August 4 at 7:08 pm, the Falcon 9 KPLO was launched into a ballistic lunar transfer orbit from the Space Launch Complex 40 (SLC-40) at the Cape Canaveral Space Force Station in Florida. But something strange happens at the moment of releasing the satellite into orbit, two strange objects appear in action just at that moment. We will concentrate on the trajectory of these alleged UFOs.

Fixed and smooth trajectory like the Space X rocket, although the direction of these objects is very different from that of Space X, that makes us think that it is something non-human, in any case if they were satellites they would go in the same direction. What is curious are the edges of these discoid objects, the well-known classic flying saucer, they have protuberances that for some reason we do not know, now, are they metallic UFOs or biological entities? That is a great question because they do not make any strange movements or deviations at any time, although the Space X company as the head of Elon Musk did not comment on it, it begins to be suspicious.

What do you suggest these objects that appeared at the exact moment of releasing the KPLO satellite? Are we facing one more evidence of what surrounds us above our heads in space? Do you think that there really is no black knight, the non-human satellite?



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