[New Claim] Einstein Saw Roswell Aliens And Their Spaceship During A Secret Voyage In 1947

A new mystery has been added to the legendary Roswell crash. Anthony Bragalia has come up with a new story that suggests that Albert Einstein paid a visit to Roswell with his assistant to examine the crashed ship and the bodies of its occupants. In 1993, the assistant revealed her secret visit to Roswell with Einstein in a recorded interview, which had never been released before.

According to legacy.com, “Dr. Shirley Wright was a dedicated professor and scientist, earning PhDs in Physical Chemistry and Physical Sciences. She was a professor of chemistry at the MDCC for over 50 years. She was a student of Dr. Albert Einstein at Princeton. UFO researcher Leonard Stringfield was the first person to discuss its story in his privately published series of monographs known as the “Status Report – UFO Accident Recovery”. In his book, he mentioned that a Flordia researcher named Sheila Franklin, who was also associated with MUFON, interviewed Wright. Stringfield used the pseudonym “Edith Simpson” for Einstein’s assistant to protect her privacy

In November 1993, Franklin and Wright met through a mutual friend in Miami. She recorded Wright’s testimonies where she mentioned her visit with Einstein to Roswell in 1947. Bragalia somehow located Franklin and contacted her by phone. She was kind enough to provide the author with the recordings of the 30-year interview. She found a portion of the recordings and sent him an email.

According to Wright, she was an outstanding student chosen to work with Einstein in 1947. She passed the high-security process before being assigned to the delicate work. Einstein personally liked her professionally and started taking her everywhere. In July 1947, she visited a “crisis conference” with the professor that took place at an army base, attended by several scientists and military personnel. When it landed, they drove to a heavily guarded hangar located somewhere in the desert. Surprisingly, Wright and Einstein saw something she described as unearthly.

Dra. Shirley Wright

She said: “It was disk-shaped, kind of concave. Its size reached up to a quarter of the hangar floor. the ship’s body was what I would call today pretty reflective material, but when you got close to it, it was pretty drab.” She added that the craft was surrounded by experts, photographers and guards so she couldn’t get a good look. Furthermore, she noted that Einstein was not surprised by the sight, in fact, he was more interested in “Propulsion and the Universe”. He believed their arrival would help him learn more about the universe.

Alienígenas Einstein Roswell

Albert Einstein

Also in an interview, Wright claimed that extraterrestrial creatures were shown inside the airbase. She said: “Some of the experts were allowed to take a closer look, including my boss. To me they all looked the same, all five. They were about five feet tall, hairless, with large heads and huge dark eyes, and their skin was gray with a slight greenish tinge, but for the most part, their bodies weren’t exposed, wearing tight suits. But I heard they didn’t have navels or genitals.”

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After that, they were taken to an isolated building in the desert, where they saw a gray-colored humanoid creature on a stretcher, surrounded by uniformed doctors and staff. She said the creature was fighting the pain but later survived. Furthermore, she noted: “Einstein, who had the right authorization, did a report, which I didn’t see. I was just told to keep my mouth shut.” Bragalia discovered that Wright never intended to seek any monetary gain and claims fame from him. When she was alive, she never discussed it openly.

Unfornatuanley, the story only came out after she passed away in 2015.

Obviously, there is no paper trail of her trip to Roswell. Bragalia mentioned in his research that Einstein had an interest in the topic of extraterrestrials before the Roswell incident. The author suggested that further investigation should take place on this story. If the Roswell accident is real and they recovered alien bodies and spacecraft, then there would be no one better than Albert Einstein to help the US military understand UFO technology.


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