The James Webb Space Telescope photographs Alien Spaceship as it transits near Jupiter’s Great Red Spot

On July 27, 2022, the James Webb Space Telescope released an image of Jupiter’s Great Red Spot using one of its infrared cameras. The image contains a cylindrical object floating high above Jupiter’s atmosphere, which appears to be more than a thousand miles long. The image corroborates claims about the arrival of giant spacecraft in our solar system and parking near Jupiter. was among the first news organizations to release the new Webb image of Jupiter and explained that it was taken using the Near Infrared Camera. In addition to the Great Red Spot, Webb was also studying the bands in the gas giant’s atmosphere. However, Webb’s image also captured a very large cylindrical object whose direction of movement could be traced directly to the Giant Red Spot.

The object appears white in the filter, as does the giant red spot. Furthermore, the cigar-shaped object appears to be very close to Jupiter, which makes it possible to estimate that it is several thousand miles long. If the object is closer to the Webb telescope, which is a million miles away from Earth, facing away from the sun, this would make it more difficult to estimate the true size of the object. It is important to emphasize that the object is different from all the smaller objects that make up the bands of Jupiter or near the Giant Red Spot.

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