Official Witness to 1952 UFO Flaps Over DC Tells of Frightening Experiences

Front Image is an artist’s concept of the UFO Flap Over Washington, D.C.

Saucers over Washington, D.C.

It’s hard to take Congress or the Pentagon seriously in their latest pursuit of finding out what is behind the phenomena we call UFOs when there is documented evidence that the U.S. Capitol and the White House were both buzzed by a flap of UFOs on two consecutive Saturday nights in 1952.

Generals and Congress Members alike should simply check the local archives for the massive reporting and multiple witnesses that watched in shock as many as 7 UFOs penetrated restricted air space on July 19 and July 26, 1952.

In the short video below, a former Air Force and Pentagon Spokesman, Al Chop, tells of the two separate incidents when as many as 7 UFOs buzzed Washington, DC with impunity as they were monitored visually and by radar from Andrew’s Air Force Base.

Frightening Experience

Retired Air Force Pentagon Spokesman Al Chop

In the short, 3-minute video below, Chop says both flaps were “frightening” for various reasons such as they reach speeds of 7,300 MPH, they could disappearWashington from fighter pilots and radar detection at will, and they penetrated restricted air space with complete impunity.

Here’s the Video Interview from an archived and rare Rod Sterling docudrama. It’s well worth watching:


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