Here’s the amazing UFO sighting that’s probably going to be talked about in Santa Monica CA by a lot of people for a while.

I was just sent this UFO sighting video today via my Instagram account.

Santa Monica Pier UFO in a triangle formation.

It’s got plenty of people talking about it in the video. There’s 4 video’s and one photo which is the photo just below here. Witness: It disappeared pretty fast out of the sky.

I’m absolutely liking this one because it’s filmed by a lot of people who are all having a great time it seems which is probably the adrenaline of a mass UFO sighting. It’s 3 UFO Orbs making the Triangular shape (that’s only an opinion) but if it is that, which is a classic or traditional triangle shape if you like them that’s a formation. Ufology is old enough now to have classic UFO shapes and formations. We the likes of the Orbs and Triangle shaped UFOs.

Santa Monica CA has had UFO sightings in the past. I’ve written about this further on in this post.

The Instagram account called EllieTV sent me this just today and it’s definitely worth watching it as it’s only just happened this last few days over the weekend. I’ve added all the videos that I was sent today into one UFO video which I’ve uploaded it to my YouTube channel UFO News. I’ll add the video below so you can watch it which I highly recommend.

Santa Monica Pier, I’ve looked online to see if it’s been reported anywhere else online and it looks like you guys are the first people outside of Santa Monica CA US – to actually see this UFO sighting video. I enjoy bringing you guy’s the latest and best UFO sighting’s.

The only UFO sighting of recent times over Santa Monica of any note was a mysterious streak which apparently seemed to reverse then fly away. Here’s a quick quote from Santa Monica Observer:

6.24.22: Dozens of people on Santa Monica beach reported seeing a mysterious streak in the sky over Santa Monica Bay on Thursday night. The unidentified aerial phenomenon seemed to hover in the sky, then reverse direction and disappear to the West.

Santa Monica Observer

This one that I’m writing about now is by far a brilliant UFO sighting which isn’t a streak in the sky. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this UFO sighting and let us know what you think about it? It could be 3 UFOs in a tight formation and just observing humanity? It’s my first all time well researched opinion on why Extraterrestrial entities could be here, to observe human beings?

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