A Team of Scientists Will Try to Open a “PORTAL” to Parallel Universes

Scientists at OAK Ridge National Laboratory have created a team of technicians, engineers and physicists who will help them see Parallel Universes for the first time and perhaps one could be very similar to ours, with particles, mirror planets and even possible mirrors. lives.

According to an interview with NBC by Leah Broussard, one of the physicists leading the project will be an attempt to reveal a hidden reality. The discovery of Parallel Universes may seem like the story of a science fiction series but experts have stated on several occasions that this could be a means of explaining phenomena that have hitherto remained unexplained.

However so far no concrete evidence of the existence of a parallel world has been found but it is limited to theories only. The set of strange findings that inspired this new research comes from the 1990s when particle physics measured the time it takes a neutron particle to break down into protons after knocking out the atom\’s nucleus.

Two different studies showed that neutrons decomposed at different rates rather than the pair which is normal for this to happen. In one of them, free neutrons were captured by magnetic fields and loaded into test tubes. In the other they were detected by the appearance of proton particles from a nuclear reactor stream.

These particles fired from the nuclear reactor lived an average of nine seconds longer than those found in test tubes. Something that may seem tiny but for scientists, is something that shouldn\’t happen. However the existence of a mirror world may offer an explanation that there are two separate lifetimes of neutrons and it could be that around one percent of neutrons can cross the “gap” between one reality and another and emit a detectable proton.

The new experiment will launch a beam of neutrons at an impenetrable wall. On the other side will be placed a neutron detector, which normally should not detect anything. But if a neutron had been detected the theory is that it could have crossed the wall by “swinging” from one world to another and appeared in this universe particularly in the Tennessee laboratory. The team will also install magnetic fields on the sides of the wall which can alter its strength. It is expected that some forces help in the oscillation of the particles.

Although the theory and experiment have been taken seriously, experts have no hope of finding a parallel universe. However if a neutron is detected on the other side of the wall it could mean something much deeper than you think. The existence of parallel universes or mirror worlds could also explain other anomalies such as the lack of the lithium 7 isotope in the universe that scientists believe is not viable with the quantities that the Big Bang should have created.

The immense cosmic rays of energy detected that come from beyond our galaxy can also be explained through parallel universes. While this isn\’t the first time such an experiment has been done, it\’s still amazing that scientists continue to find ways to prove the existence of parallel worlds.

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