Pentagon Develops Technology That Predicts the Future

In 1999 Steven Spielberg was working on the film adaptation of “The Minority Report”, a short story written by Philip K. Dick in 1956. The original story spoke of a future in which computers analyzed visions of 3 special individuals and transformed their data into information. actionable items used to stop crimes before they happen displayed on punched cards.

While Dick’s technology doesn’t look so good now, it was revolutionary back then. When Spielberg and Tom Cruise started working on the project, they realized they needed to go back in time to where the science they would represent would seem innovative and new to audiences who saw the film in 2002. To do that, he met with the smartest and most progressive people of the moment. to predict our future. People like computer scientist Jaron Lanier, author Douglas Coupland, MIT’s Neil Gershenfeld, DARPA’s Shaun Jones, futurist Peter Schwartz, and many others came together to help predict the technology 50 years into the future. Yet Philip K. Dick’s vision of the dystopian future has come true again.

Minority Report is Real

The Pentagon is experimenting with an artificial intelligence (AI) system that will allow the US military to accurately predict the future and “see it days in advance”. The Global Information Dominance Experiment (GIDE) can predict the actions of any potential enemy, say Pentagon experts. For example if there were Chinese troop movements or Russian submarines AI could work to predict where they are likely to be deployed.

The United States could then deploy its forces to deter any potential hostile acts, the Pentagon says. Their experiments are taking AI into the realm of science fiction, as shown in the film Minority Report in which a special police unit can catch killers before they commit their crimes. Glen VanHerck, commander of United States Northern Command (NORTHCOM) and North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) said that artificial intelligence-enabled decision making could allow the ability to see days in advance creates a space decision. according to The Drive portal.

He explained that the “decision space” allows him as an operational commander to potentially deploy forces to create deterrence options and inform the secretary or even the president. While he didn’t mention Russia and China directly, he said the focus of the pioneering work in artificial intelligence was the “two competitors” in the United States. Data collected around the world is shared on a cloud and can be processed at high speed using AI. This will allow US forces to advance and position themselves for the defeat of any opponent.

predicting the future

Then commanders can act sooner and stop the enemy. Simply put, artificial intelligence predicts the steps of any opponent. And if we add Project Stargate to this new technology then we come across the real “Minority Report”.

During the tense period of the Cold War, the US government deployed a powerful new weapon against the Soviet Union: mediums. In a highly classified project conducted at a California research laboratory in the 1970s and later at an Army base in Maryland, the CIA, Army, and Defense Intelligence Agency recruited men and women who claimed to have extra perception capabilities. -sensory (ESP) to help uncover military and national intelligence secrets.

In 2017, the CIA declassified nearly 12 million pages of records that revealed previously unknown details about the program that would eventually become known as Project Stargate. Psychics known as “remote bystanders” have participated in a variety of operations, from locating hostages kidnapped by Islamic terrorist groups to tracking the paths of fugitive criminals across the United States.

Most surprising of all, however, the declassified documents showed that CIA analysts wanted to test Uri Geller’s skills in the area of ​​”mental projection” and its possible use for national security. Geller was instrumental in the US government’s investigation of ESP and psychokinesis. Even Geller participated in a series of classified psychokinesis tests at a laboratory in Livermore, California, where scientists were developing advanced nuclear warheads, laser systems and other emerging weapons technologies.

Now new technology shows us that the Pentagon has always been looking for the ultimate weapon: predicting the future. What remains to be seen is what implications this system will have on our daily lives. It looks like another Philip K. Dick vision is coming true.

Will they use predictive technology against the population?


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