“Space Arks” Are Hidden Underground to Evacuate People During the Apocalypse

The professor who specializes in exopolitics tried to reassure humanity by saying that if a global catastrophe occurs, huge ships are ready to take people to a safe place in the universe, informs the Daily Star.

Huge spacecraft buried underground are ready to evacuate large numbers of people, animals and plants from the planet in the event of a global crisis, the professor said.

Professor Michael Salla is a recognized expert in exopolitics who studies the interplay of human politics and extraterrestrial affairs.

Speaking on the Shaun Attwood Unleashed podcast, the scientist suggested that huge spaceships would be ready to take people if a global catastrophe occurs.

“I probably have about six sources that are telling me about these space arcs that are on the Moon, across the Earth, and that are actually in other parts of our solar system,” he said.

“One of my sources is currently in the US Army and has been taken on some secret missions where he actually boarded these space arks. He was on a space ark in the Atlantic Ocean and also on the moon.”

Michael went on to give a precise definition of what he meant by the space ark, explaining how these megaships should act if a global crisis occurred that made Earth uninhabitable.

“It really looks like an ark as described in the legend of Noah’s ark. It is very large like a ship and is designed to evacuate large numbers of people, animals and flora during a disaster,” he continued.

“Apparently these things are buried all over the Earth they activate when we are at a point in history where we are going to collapse in terms of our ecosystem collapsing because of some sort of political war or geographic catastrophe.

“Or if we are going to evolve and move to a higher place in terms of our order. So they are there as a safeguard and they were put there by the ancient races who had end-time prepositions.”

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