Military of the United States Navy, reveals “real” images of “Alien Ship”

* Former United States Army officer Graham Bethune has leaked incredible photos of a UFO taken in 1989 in Tennessee.

* Making his revelations public has generated a great controversy between the Ufological and Military community.

It is not the first time that a former US Army soldier has released incredible revelations about the UFO phenomenon; “In fact” there are several high-ranking former military officers who have felt the duty or the need to bring to light relevant evidence and statements so that the information about the UFO phenomenon is known once and for all.

However, all these facts have caused a stir, generating a lot of controversy and skepticism among scientific and ufological opinions and the general public, even more so if we add the extraterrestrial language of the already famous and funny Mafe Walker.

The woman who claims to speak the language of aliens

But hey, leaving no jokes, the case that concerns us today is something more serious than the crude propaganda of Mafe Walker’s atomic language.

Well, a few years ago, former US Navy Commander Graham Bethune decided it was time to release classified information, mostly photographs that would serve as confirmation of the existence of UFOs.

The photos of a UFO taking off and several others date back to 1989 and were recently published by Bethune, (now retired).

Bethune claimed the photos came from a close friend of hers. This “friend”, who cites and remains anonymous, sent the photos to Bethune, claiming that he had met with another form of intelligence, at which time he had the opportunity to take these photos on September 27, 1989.

The location where the photos were taken is located around Nashville, Tennessee. very close to a rural area.
The graphics are from a dramatic representation, including a “real alien” Ship. Intense circular columns of light (under the craft), as it appears to be taking off or landing.

The photographs were taken while the witness was driving his vehicle in the outskirts of that city. Bethune says that the witness managed to take these photos with a Canon AE-1 model camera. “The UFO seen in them was in the trees with its propellers on.” Bethune assured.

The history of photographs developed when the photographer saw a light, which seemed to be active and moving. So around 9:00 PM, he stopped his car and rushed to get the camera from him.To then move over the tree line and have a better view. From there, he took several photographs. Bethune’s friend estimates that he was 10 kilometers away, but he still got amazing shots.

Near the end of the event, he used what was left of his film to take these photos.

Before revealing the photos to the public, the Bethune wanted them to be examined by the ufological organization NUFORC, dedicated to the serious and scientific investigation of the UFO phenomenon.

The conclusion of these experts is that they are really authentic and could represent one of the most important pieces that prove and certify the fact that the UFO phenomenon was and is present among us.

and good? what do you think? Have you had a similar experience? Do you have evidence? I would certainly like you to share it with us either in the comments or via email: [email protected]


Meanwhile, the mystery is there for everyone to draw their own conclusions from it.

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