The woman who claims to speak the language of aliens and connect with “other dimensions on Earth”

* The Colombian Mafer Walker, has a crazy theory that has recently attracted attention on social networks. Well, according to her, she has the precise method to converse with beings from other worlds.

*This is, without a doubt, the best moment of Mexican television. “What a great time to be alive.”

Talk to an alien? Mafe Walker is the woman who claims that she emits sound frequencies as well as understand and master the language of aliens.

A clip recently went viral in which Walker speaks this language, which in the opinion of many Internet users, she had never heard.

The language of the aliens by Mafe Walker

After hearing the video of Mafe Walker on a television show, it caused a lot of intrigue about who this woman is and how she manages to speak the language.

The woman recounted in great detail how she acquired these “psychic gifts” thanks to her teacher, named Agatha, who was also present on the set.

“Receiving all the wisdom from her, we have connected and I opened my entire channel, all the knowledge. Through Agatha I remembered all my psychic gifts, all the memories that we carry in the DNA of other galaxies, constellations, stars, other planets, and my body, all my data, began to activate, “said Walker in the interview with the presenters Borghetti and Roger González.

Walker, of Colombian origin; he explained the way he has to communicate with the ‘beings from other planets’. “They are sound frequencies; it is a galactic frequency that I emanate through my vocal cords. It sounds strange, it is curious, but you have to feel it because I am a communication bridge between the divine here on earth,” she pointed out.

On the other hand, he remembered how he began to work as a medium. “In 2012, in December there was like a portal and from there I began to manifest it in the body. He has been more open since that year,” she commented.

On the other hand, Mafe Walker points out that she is capable of destroying ‘implants’, which she says are “metallic chips or structures that break the vibration and disharmonize your essence. Sometimes they are visual and they show me, and other times I perceive them with my pineal”, which is a small organ in the brain that produces melatonin.

“By deactivating or extracting them, everything resynchronizes with your own essence and your vibration is harmonized with the heart. They can even be unconscious blockages and by undoing them you return to your original pure energy, without interference, ”she says, and apparently the drivers are quite convinced of the veracity of her words.

She speaks alien language!!! | She meets Mafe Walker and listens as she talks | OMG!!!
Similarly, the woman indicated that she also offers her services through her social networks so that other people can expand their minds towards a divine portal.

“I open portals, that is, your chakras, to receive new data, your own codes, signals in your channel to activate your human gifts and powers. Telepathy, telekinesis, teleportation, astral travel. I activate the intuition and amplify waves in the pinea”, indicated Walker.

And despite the fact that the medium has become the mockery of many who fail to fully understand what she really does, on social networks they have highlighted that the hosts of the program ‘Venga la alegría’, Roger Gonzáles and Patricio Borghetti, do not know they laughed at her or at what she does.

Mafe reminded her followers that she also conducts face-to-face sessions to transmit the frequencies she receives from outside this world. She usually holds these meetings in the pyramids of Teotihuacán, the Chapultepec forest and the pyramids of Cholula, in Puebla (Mexico).

It should be noted that Mafe Walker’s claims are not recognized or supported by any type of science. However, that is not necessary for many who wish to make use of their freedom of belief.

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