On September 16, 1994, one of the most notable UFO incidents in recent decades occurred in Zimbabwe (Rhodesia) in Ruwa. Near the capital Harare (Salisbury). Dozens of schoolchildren between the ages of 6 and 12 experienced a surprising event in the courtyard of the Ariel school in Ruwa. A total of 62 students had close encounters with silver flying discs and aliens that day. A few days earlier, there were numerous UFO sightings in southern Africa, which reported not only comets and bright fireballs. If not also flying disks and cylindrical flying ships that moved through the sky at night. 1994 the day the aliens landed at Ariel School

The sighting at Ariel School occurred around 10:00 am, when all the students were outside the school building during recess and the teachers were having a meeting. These students witnessed one or more disc-shaped silvery flying objects appearing in the sky. They would then silently descend and land in a field of bushes and small trees on the outskirts of the school grounds.

According to several testimonies, between 1 and 4 humanoid beings then came out of the landed UFOs and approached the children. At this point, many of the younger children fled in fright while the older ones stood and watched curiously as the aliens approached.

The Ariel eschool and the UFO sighting
In 1994, Ariel School was an expensive private school for children from wealthy white families in nearby Harare. Perhaps the ethnicity of the students had something to do with the landing and contact of the aliens? The students described the humanoids as about three feet tall, pale in color, with very large eyes or pupils, and long, straight, black hair. They wore shiny, tight-fitting black body suits. The creatures’ piercing eyes were particularly notable because they were larger than human eyes and also elongated. The mouth was a narrow slit and the ears were barely visible.

Then the beings began to communicate with the students, telepathically. In the days and weeks that followed, the Ariel incident garnered much attention in the international media. And for this reason the popular Pulitzer Prize winner and Harvard psychologist Dr. John Mack is on the case. He traveled to Ruwa two weeks after the incident to question witnesses.

Mack has previously been criticized by skeptical colleagues for his academic interest in UFO research. Dr. Mack learned from the students’ statements that the entire incident lasted about 15 minutes. The aliens then communicated with several students through their large eyes via telepathy and brought an important warning to all of humanity before returning to their ship and flying off.

Extraterrestrial message towards human civilization
The message was that human civilization and planet Earth are headed for a catastrophe caused by destructive activities, humanity’s pollution and the misuse of technology. The children made many consistent drawings of the incident during the course of the interviews. The doctor. John Mack questioned them extensively and, as a trained psychiatrist, concluded that they were telling the truth. During the 1990s, Dr. Mack was very interested in the mysterious phenomenon of alien abductions.

Today UFO researchers know that in most cases the UFO phenomenon and contact with extraterrestrial humanoid beings directly affects the white ethnicity of this planet. Well, they seem to play the most important role in the future plans of the extraterrestrial observers. The doctor. Mack has interviewed many of those affected by alien abduction to learn more about their experiences with aliens. As an expert, he finally came to the conclusion that his experiences and descriptions of the contact, including the messages transmitted, are based on the truth.

It is believed that the Ariel School students who made telepathic contact with the aliens were also affected by this abduction phenomenon. Since they received a message similar to that of many other abductees around the world. Extraterrestrial visitors urgently warn humanity of a great danger or catastrophe that will affect our immediate future.

Something dangerous is about to happen and it will be triggered by pollution, radioactivity, technological advances and the ambition of the great world leaders. The visitors want to convey to us that our civilization is over-exploiting nature, which is basically not necessary because we are severely damaging this world and there are enough alternative forms of energy.

Testimony of some interviewees
An interviewed child revealed to Dr. Mack that the aliens believe that human society as a whole should not become too technological and instead be more concerned with a nature-loving lifestyle, the preservation of the environment. environment and world peace between the great powers of the planet. Another child said that the telepathic message was that our world will end because we do not take care of the planet and its life. In fact, Dr. Mack, after years of research on the subject. He concluded that almost all known UFO incidents and abductions carry important warnings and messages to humanity. Almost always, these warnings refer to human activities that pose a threat to our planet.

This was shown to contactees either through telepathy, words, or images. That is why Dr. Mack stated in one of his books that he holds the view that the protection of terrestrial life forms is the central theme of the alien abduction phenomenon.

This view supports the so-called scientific zoo hypothesis, which states that planet Earth is a laboratory for extraterrestrial civilizations and that genetic manipulation of humanity is part of their activities. Dr. Mack revealed to the press that the Ariel incident is authentic and that the children are telling the truth because they actually had encounters with aliens that day. Of course, professional skeptics immediately stepped in and tried to deny these claims. Even so, without knowing the UFO concept, the children described it and drew what they saw that day and the results left nothing to the imagination.

Mass hysteria
Debunkers have since described the incident as a case of mass hysteria. The Malawi Medical Journal: States that many cases of mass hysteria occur in African schools and in many urbanizations around the world. Because they grow up in a psychosocial environment that involves many ancient beliefs; For example, they believe in black magic, witchcraft, demons, gods, angels, etc.


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