Boriska, the Indigo Man who claims to have lived on the planet Mars

Boriska Kipriyanovich, is a 23-year-old Russian from Volgograd, with an IQ of 200. The same person who explored social media and mainstream media in 2004 after declaring that he could remember his past life and that he lived on the Red Planet. before being reborn on Earth.

Boriska, o menino índigo russo que afirma ter vivido em Marte

So Boriska is one of the few Indigo people currently known here on earth. This type of person has a higher state of human evolution. And they have a spiritual, ethical and mental advance, far superior to the average human being. Therefore, they possess abilities such as telepathy, the ability to read minds, predict the future, and great creativity. However, this phenomenon is considered a pseudoscientific myth, as it lacks acceptable scientific evidence. But contrary to what science says, Boriska Kipriyanovich, better known as Boris, demonstrated knowledge that people with advanced IQ on this planet do not have.

First Acquaintance of Boriska Kipriyanovich, the Indigo Child
Boriska Kipriyanovich was born in 1996 and immediately proved to be a very special child. In fact, her mother claims that she always had the feeling that her son was special. Bone is some kind of gifted genius. The mother said in an interview with a well-known media portal that little Boriska started talking a few months after he was born. At the age of 1 year and 5 months he already knew how to read, at the age of two he was already painting at school as an advanced student, in addition to knowing how to differentiate between colors and shades.

Even when she entered kindergarten, her teachers were amazed at her talents and her particular way of thinking. For she has always had a brilliant memory and an incredible ability to retain and assimilate information quickly. However, soon the teachers and the people realized that the Boris were learning things from other places, they just didn\’t know from where.

Lemúria, o continente do elo perdido

A year later, his interest in matters related to the universe grew. To the point that at just three years old, the names of all the planets and dwarf planets in the solar system and even all of its satellites are known. So Boriska\’s parents came to think the boy was crazy and decided to confirm that everything he said was true, and to everyone\’s surprise, it was. Already at the age of 7, the boy began to remember his past life and to unravel mysteries that he was just beginning to remember.

Boriska, the boy who claims to have lived on the planet Mars in his past life
During his 7 years the boy had already started to draw the attention of the whole world. Since he began to remember and narrate about his past life, even Boriska Kipriyanovich spoke of Martian c̳i̳v̳i̳l̳i̳z̳a̳t̳i̳o̳n̳s̳, megalithic cities, spaceships and travels to other planets. Where, according to his narratives, he was a pilot from Mars and in his life he had to come often to our planet Earth.

According to information from Boris. The defunct continent Lemuria and the land had trade negotiations. Therefore, he had to come often to visit the land to make these negotiations. Even the boriska claimed to know the said planet Lemuria. According to legend, it is located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and its destruction took place about 800 thousand years ago.

But I not only claim to know this planet, but I also remember its downfall and mourn the de̳a̳t̳h̳s of its friends and former family members. His mother, hearing him narrate for his son, asks him what those people\’s physical appearance was like. To which he responds; That the height of the Lemurians and other c̳i̳v̳i̳l̳i̳z̳a̳t̳i̳o̳n̳s̳ that lived with them was 7 to 9 meters. And each city had its own spaceships, technology and way of thinking. A bit like human beings.

Boriska, o homem índigo que afirma ter vivido em Marte

Current Age of the Boris Wars and Destruction of the P̳l̳a̳n̳e̳t̳s̳
Boriska Kipriyanovich narrated how a large part of the population of many planets perished in nuclear wars. And attacks with advanced technology that destroyed its atmosphere, so he also said that the people who still inhabit these planets breathe only carbon dioxide. In addition, I also affirm that there is a pyramid that the human being has not yet discovered and on the day that he does, a lot of knowledge will be revealed, as this pyramid has a kind of star portal behind one of its ears.

Today Boris is 23 years old and very little is known about him. However, some people do not lose sight of it. Since, according to many believers in this theory, he has a purpose here on earth for which he was sent. The same one that warned humans that they must change the situation of war affairs, power and the creation of nuclear weapons, as this is how space plenums became uninhabitable and fears that the same will happen on planet Earth.

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