For decades there have been people who claim that governments work together with aliens, as proof of this we have a lot of strange movements in many military bases and the security of some of them is very strange to us.

For example, Base Hangar 1, which, due to its opening hours, the moments when strange movements and other things are detected, lead us to think that it is very likely that strange things are hidden.

Phil Schneider’s surprising statements
Phil Schneider is a famous geologist and engineer who has worked and been involved in many US government projects. He held a level 1 security clearance, which granted him certain privileges that anyone could dream of. This man is known because he helped build many military bases and worked directly at the well-known Area 51.

In a controversial conference, Schneider claimed that during his government work he met a foreigner. He mentioned that his name was Valiant Thor and that he had worked for the government for several years. But that he actually decided to leave Earth.

Valiant Thor, the Alien who worked with the government
According to the researcher, Valiant was physically similar to humans, but still had characteristics that would easily make him stand out from the rest. He came from Venus and his IQ far surpassed that of any living thing on the planet, something that would no doubt not be surprising for these impressive beings.

an impressive being
It is said that this being was approximately 2 meters tall and instead of 5 fingers it had 6 fingers on each hand. At the conference he also talked about his hair color and that he was over 500 years old. These statements seem to be quite strong and make us wonder how much more the upper echelons of government and the media could be hiding from us.

But the most amazing thing about this alien being is that he could speak over 100 languages fluently. Not to mention his level of learning and adaptability with humans was incredible. He also assured that, among the many missions destined for the government, there was talk of many things that were hidden in Hangar 1.

What happened to Phil Schneider after that?
Sadly, in 1996, Phil Schneider was found dead in his apartment. Circumstances look very suspicious and this happened shortly after his comments at the convention.

Many believed his story, as others classified him as a science fiction madman, but the truth is that everyone can judge and catalog whether what Phil said was real or fiction.

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