The Atalanti UFO case: Fleet of UFOs landed and strange humanoids spotted in Greece

The ‘Atalanti UFO Case’ is considered the most important UFO incident in Greece and one of the mysterious cases to occur across Europe.

There is a report from the Greek army, which states that on the night of September 2, 1990, a fleet consisting of 12 to 17 unidentified flying objects was observed at various locations in mainland Greece.

After flying over the Peloponnese, this fleet turned and headed north. At around 9:30 pm, while flying over the city of Atalanti (which is located about 150 km northwest of Athens), one of the UFOs began to separate from the fleet formation.

Several witnesses mentioned that the ship appeared to have some sort of problem as it changed color to red and appeared to have caught fire.

At the same time, there were three explosions in the sky (other reports speak of metallic noises). How could the locals have felt with so much noise?

The report continues and documents, according to witnesses, that the ship landed on top of a hill, where there is a small church in honor of Elías, located a few kilometers from Atalanti.

Residents who observed the incident from a distance of approximately 1 kilometer immediately informed the police about what was happening, but the site was very difficult to access at night.

Once the ship that appeared to be in trouble landed, the rest of the fleet was motionless in the sky above the hill, likely in an apparent attempt to protect the landed UFO.

The concentration of all the ships on that hill illuminated the area so much that it allowed the witnesses, mostly farmers, to see the objects. They described the UFOs as round and similar in size to a tractor.

According to one of the witnesses who was in the area and managed to get much closer to the landing site, he saw some very strange beings: small humanoids who seemed to be working on fixing his ship.

The incident lasted from 9:30 pm to 3 am. The humanoids managed to repair the ship and the entire fleet took off at once. The residents wasted no time and visited the site the next morning.

They found that the grass at the top of the hill was scorched, and the ground was so hot that even in the morning there was heavy smoke. And at the place where the UFO was being fixed, people found objects like cables, pieces of metal and a very incomprehensible artifact that looks like a sea sponge.

Shortly afterward, the Greek army issued this report, which focused on the foundations as the parts included an 11 cm copper plug diameter engraved with Arabic script.

This plug was connected to a copper wire, which was insulated with a material similar to silk, in addition to a burnt plastic cap, a steel ring and three steel rods, 10 cm each, with a switch in the shape of the Greek letter. . F.

The report concluded that the wreckage likely belonged to an old satellite (probably a Soviet one), but witnesses at the time refused to believe this, as satellites do not land and take off again in the sky like an alien spacecraft.

In Greece itself, this incident is often referred to as the “Greek Roswell”.

What do you think? What is the truth behind this incident?


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