The ancient Sumerian text states that the Anunnaki are described as those who descended from heaven. A race of superhumanly powerful, advanced beings who engineered humanity thousands of years ago. According to these writings, the Sumerians practiced a syncretistic religion with a multitude of gods, demons and spirits that represented natural forces or presence in the world, just as the Greek Civilization would later do. Who in their belief establish that the gods created human beings so that they would become their servants.

Planeta Nibiru

In fact, there is an esoteric circle that affirms that this race comes from the Planet Nibiru, and they were humanoid beings very similar to humans. This planet began to have serious atmospheric problems, so the Nibiruans. They set out on a search throughout the solar system for gold, or a special metal that could heal their planet. When Nibiru approached Earth’s orbit, approximately 432,000 light-years BC. The inhabitants of Nibiru used spaceships to send their inhabitants to earth along with other essential goods

La Creacion humana por los anunnakis

First Civilizations That Inhabited The Earth
When these beings came to earth they established their base in ancient Mesopotamia. And there they set out to extract the metal, in the gold mines located in southern Africa. However, the Nibiruans considered that working in a mine was not appropriate for them, and decided to send the Anunnaki to do the work, since at that time the Anunnaki were considered as a kind of slaves who were in charge of doing the heavy work.

But since the Anunnaki possessed superior traits to the Nibiruans, they ended up rebelling against their superiors and demanded that they create an inferior being to do this kind of work in their place. In this way, after several agreements, the Nibiruans created a new race combining their own genes with those of the most evolved primates that lived on earth, which were probably known as the australopithecines.

La creación del hombre

The Anunnaki and The Story of the Creation of Man
Enki and Ninmah sacrificed the lesser god Geshtu. They mixed the flesh of the god and his blood with the clay and created beings with superhuman strength and formidable size to work for the Anunnaki, in the mines helping them extract gold. The creation of these beings had a very important role. However, they could not reproduce among themselves and therefore the gods had to create more humanoids to complete their purpose.


With the passing of time, the god Enki developed several more beings, until he achieved his purpose. After so much effort, the creation of these gods began to develop great knowledge until they were able to speak and reproduce by themselves, and in this way the first human race known as Homo Erectus arose.

After the Nibiruans completed their objective, the planet Nibiru moved away from the earth and the Anunnaki stayed on the planet protecting the metal and taking care of the human generation, who at that time were known as slaves. A part of the gods of the planet Nibiru visited the earth every 3,600 years, until completing their cycle again. Time that the Sumerians called Sar

The Creationism Controversy
Today scientists totally deny the existence of the planet Nibiru, and for astronauts these statements and existing theories turn out to be absurd. However, the Babylonians associate this heavenly body with Jupiter oh the Pole Star. The fact is that many pseudo-scientific pages around the world claim that the planet does exist and that it is hidden by NASA.

On the other hand. According to evolutionary theory, the origin of the human species is somewhat related to the humans created by the God Enki in Sumerian mythology. Since these evolved from the Australopithecines to the Homo Erectus. And this evolution had its origin in Africa certainly as described by Charles Darwin in 1859, since he turned the concept of biological evolution into a true scientific theory. However, the mechanisms that explain the transformation and diversification of species are under intense and continuous scientific investigation.

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