More Canadian Government Digitized UFO Files

As many UFO buffs will know
many governments around the world have investigated UFO reports, and
official documents have been released or found through legal filings and requests.

Canada is one of those
of documents from the Royal Canadian Air Force, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police
Canadian Mounted Police, the Department of National Defense and other agencies
of National Defense and other agencies, have been duly stored in the National Archives, now called
Canada. Due to numerous requests for UFO files, LAC digitized some 9,000
pages of documents from various Canadian agencies and made them available

These documents cover a
period between 1947 and 1995, although the digitized material only reaches up to
1982 at this point. The documents are fascinating and I detail much of what is
on them in my book Canada’s UFOs: Declassified.

And those from 1983 to 1995?
To date, they are not available online, although paper copies are at
the funds in Ottawa.

I started coordinating
annual Canadian UFO Survey in 1989, gathering all known UFO reports from all
sources across the country each year. Reports were included in the annual studies.
of the National Research Council of Canada and other agencies, including the

When I donated my UFO files
archives to the University of Manitoba Archives and Special Collections as of
in 2017, the idea was to digitize UFO reports for investigators to examine. Nowadays,
there is a large increase in UFO files being made available to researchers, and
I hope that my collection will add to the knowledge base of this material.

But this takes time. When
When the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick acquired the UFO files of the late Stanton
Friedman realized that processing the material would be expensive and time consuming.
weather. In fact, it was estimated that the mere indexation of Friedman’s funds could take a decade or more.

For make faster the process
for at least my own UFO files, I spent many hours sweating on a light table
and making digital copies only of the official Canadian government UFO files at
my collection. I focused on years outside of what LAC has already done
available. I managed to do the years 1992, 1994 and 1995 and I have plans to do
1993 soon (I discovered that my files for that year were incomplete and I am
and I’m still working on them).

Digitized files needed
some renaming and indexing, so I needed outside help. As the noted historian of ufology
Isaac Koi from England has made available thousands of international archives
on the website of Arkivet för UFO-forskning (AFU) in Sweden, he offered to
Sweden, offered to take my digital files and make them available there. Outstanding
UFO researcher John Greenewald has also made them available.

Here is the link to the AFU website where you can view the recently digitized Canadian government UFO files.

Stay tuned. much more for


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