UFOs in space recorded during the Space Shuttle and Apollo missions

Although NASA is commissioning a study team that will begin in the early fall to examine unidentified aerial phenomena (UAPs) – that is, observations of events in the sky that cannot be identified as aircraft or known natural phenomena as well as the NASA wants to turn satellites into alien finders to investigate unexplained sightings in space, it would be better for NASA to review their archive first, as there is overwhelming evidence in footage from, among others, the space shuttle and Apollo missions showing UFOs in space and on the lunar surface.

Evidence of the existence of UFOs what they have hidden from the public every year.

Many recordings were made by the astronauts during the Space Shuttle flights. Some of these recordings show objects in space that clearly cannot be meteorites, space debris, or thunderstorms.

These objects change direction, slow down, do 90 and 180 degree turns before speeding up and disappearing into space. Only UFOs or unknown probes under intelligent control can perform such maneuvers.

Also during the Apollo flights, recordings were made of the astronauts in which UFOs are seen.

One of these examples is the material recorded by the crew of Apollo 11 in which a UFO is seen flying just above the lunar surface.

And what about the astronaut who saw a UFO during the Apollo 17 mission.

NASA astronauts normally follow a “script” and know exactly what and when to say.

But during the Apollo 17 mission this astronaut, however, was too surprised by something he had never seen before. He forgets the “lines” about him and stops following the script. Instead, a long and unplanned discussion and conversation ensues. The astronaut is really amazed. Unlike his colleague, he seems to be in charge. The astronaut asks what those objects were that were flying over his head. Then things get hilarious. Stunned, the second astronaut doesn’t know what to say either. This was not planned or in the script. However, he is aware that NASA officials are watching them.

After a brief period of silence, he says that it is an explosion coming from the sphere-shaped disc of the rover’s (vehicle) high-gain antenna. More objects begin to fly overhead and again we hear real excitement. Then the astronaut realizes that he has said something that he should not have said in front of the cameras and NASA. He reluctantly accepts the vague explanation. He is really upset and you can hear sarcasm and disbelief in the tone of his voice.

NASA tries to save this unpleasant situation and intervenes while CAPCOM confirms that it was an explosion of the antenna and that it has happened before.

According to the astronaut who is clearly in charge, this antenna explosion is simply “routine.”

This is an interesting video. Styrofoam explosion? Has this happened before? When this would actually be the case, wouldn’t they have taken countermeasures? Space programs are planned with the utmost precision and do not take any chances with equipment and astronauts. So what do you think after seeing the images? Was it an antenna explosion? Styrofoam explosion?

Or is it that someone is not telling us the truth and these two astronauts had a couple of “visitors” passing through.

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