The mysterious images captured on the Moon that Nasa has not been able to explain

NASA along with other space agencies have captured many photographs on the moon, from what appear to be strange structures, beings and UFOs.

* The images cannot be explained and ufologists have jumped on them believing that there really is something, which they do not want to show us.

Conspiracy theorists, however, have dismissed the images, arguing that NASA has never traveled to the moon.

Photograph from 1972 shows a huge electrical discharge

A photograph captured in the year 1972, has been one of the most fascinating coming from the Moon.

The photo seems to show a huge and powerful electrical discharge coming from the Stein Crater, this crater is located on the far side of the Moon.

Ufologists have said that the electrical discharge was generated by underground power stations or power plants for the refueling of alien spacecraft that are on the far side of the moon.

The discharge on the moon is similar to the electrical discharges that are also seen in the upper atmosphere of the earth when there is a strong storm.

However, it is argued that the anomaly is probably an impression of a flash inside the spacecraft’s camera as the film rotated through its system.

Huge figure caught walking on the moon

One of the most amazing photos was taken from the surface of the Moon and became public when Google released software that allows users to see and explore the Moon.

It was not long before some people said that they had seen a large figure walking on the surface of the Moon.

The figure appears to be that of a tall alien, whose form is casting a long shadow.

Further analysis indicated that the Being could be approximately 50 meters tall.

The figure bears a striking resemblance to descriptions of the ancient Greek colossus of Rhodes… Could it be an ancient moon monument?

NASA’s official explanation is that the image may have been caused by dirt on the lunar mission’s camera lens.

V-shaped spacecraft appears on the lunar surface

In 1994, the Clemente space probe captured images of a strange V-shaped object on the far side of the moon.

The anomaly is made up of 2 rows of seven points of light and they appear to be far too symmetrical to be of natural origin. It measures approximately 150 meters and is located within the Muscovy Sea, a huge and strangely flat crater.

Soviet lunar explorer identifies ‘unknown technology’

Pictures taken by the Soviet Union’s lunar space probes are said to reveal what many think is definitive proof that aliens could be on the Moon.

The images were shown on the internet and they seem to show some strange objects on the surface. The artifacts formed naturally and are also not part of the space probes.

UFO captured in the photograph during the Apollo 16 mission

On April 27, 1972, while ascending the lunar surface, the Apollo 16 astronauts filmed a UFO from their command module.

The mysterious object in the shape of the classic flying saucers appears approximately 4 seconds in the 16mm film, in a total of 50 frames. The UFO was described as saucer-shaped with a dome on top. Fitting in with common descriptions of alien spacecraft.

Huge tower on the far side of the moon

On July 20, 1965, the Soviet space probe ZOND 3 took some of the first high-quality images of the far side of the Moon as the Soviet space probe headed for Mars.

In one of the images you can see a mysterious tower-shaped structure protruding from the lunar surface.

The alleged base bombed by NASA

On October 9, 2009, NASA launched a 202-ton rocket on a mission (LCROss) to explode inside the Cabeus crater at the south pole of the moon.

Shortly after impact, the LCROss went to meet its death, swimming within the debris cloud while collecting data.

It is said that the mission was scientific in nature, but a photograph that was seen on a desk of NASA employees began to raise the suspicion that the objective of the rocket had actually been the destruction of structures that were inside the Cabeus crater. .

Artificial structures were seen when the missile hit the crater and many ufologists have said that NASA sent the mission to destroy an alien base on the Moon.


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