NASA proposes to build floating cities on Venus

The exploration of Venus is not such a far-fetched idea as previously believed.

* A NASA study ensures that it would be possible to send a manned mission to the planet despite the high temperatures that are reached on it.

* To do this, it would be necessary to “build” a floating city in its sky based on aircraft.

A team of NASA scientists wants to build a floating ‘cloud city’ to carry humans to permanently occupy the atmosphere of Venus.

Although Venus has characteristics very similar to those of Earth, it is not a very suitable planet for life due to its infernal climatic conditions.

Enveloped in a very dense atmosphere of clouds of toxic sulfuric acid and with a surface pressure 90 times greater than that of Earth, it is the hottest planet in the solar system.

NASA’s Langley Research Center offers an innovative idea that could solve this problem: installing a residence for humans in the atmosphere, reports IFL Science.

Called the High Altitude Venus Operational Concept (HAVOC), the program includes a series of operations that will start with sending a robot into the atmosphere to test its waters and continue with a 30-day manned orbital mission.

If successful, HAVOC could allow permanent crew presence on a floating ‘city’ in the planet’s atmosphere.

The mission would be carried out with the help of aircraft filled with helium and powered by solar energy. The ships would float 50 kilometers above the surface of Venus, where the temperature would be reasonable. There would also be enough solar energy to power the spacecraft, much more than on Mars, and the radiation exposure would be roughly that of Canada, the outlet noted.

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