AQUARIUS PROJECT: Living Extraterrestrials “Captured By Government”

Project Aquarius is a clandestine initiative to collect data on the extraterrestrial UFO phenomenon. Your main objective is to capture one of the crew and assimilate their technology. The project was created by Majestic 12. Did they manage to capture the UFO crew?

Majestic 12 or MJ-12 is an alleged secret committee of scientists, military leaders and government officials formed in 1947 under the direction of United States President Harry S. Truman.

The existence of MJ-12 has been denied by the US government which insists that documents suggesting its existence are false. In fact, the FBI investigated the documents and concluded that they were false. Even the opinions of many of the UFO investigators and enthusiasts are divided: some argue that the documents are authentic and support the conspiracy theory, indicating that the FBI (because it belongs to the government) would not admit the authenticity of the documents if the President orders them to instruct him to tamper with copies to present them as forgeries; while others claim they are false indicating that errors are appreciated in terms of their form and chronology.

The document in question is widely publicized on the Internet, including on the FBI’s own website.

The Aquarius Project

Aquarius is located in an underground facility known as the Papoose Lake Facility (S-4), (also known as “The Dark Side of the Moon”), located 12 miles south of Area 51 in Nevada.

Dr. Dan Burisch, graduated in Microbiology and Psychology from the University of Las Vegas, Nevada and Ph.D. Doctor of Microbiology from Stony Brook University in New York State, he was invited to work on a Top Secret program.

In 1994, Burisch began working on a secret program called Project Aquarius in an underground location called “S-4” that is part of Area 51. (Project Aquarius)

In this place he knew that the military was in possession of ships and beings that were not from this planet. In one of the departments there was information about some extraterrestrials coming from the Zeta Reticulum star system.

In 1953 a spaceship crashed in Kingman, Arizona. In it traveled 3 beings, one died and two survived.

After that Burisch had to interact with one of the beings called J-Rod for two years because this supposed extraterrestrial suffered from a very painful disease called Polyneuropathy. (Aquarius Project)

During these works, Burisch established a close relationship with J-Rod, although protocol forbade it.

Protocol said that upon seeing one of these beings, Burisch should raise his hand and greet him; However, one day Burisch fell backwards; J-Rod climbed onto his chest and instead of attacking him calmed him down and gave him some information.

J-Rod climbs onto Burisch’s chest as he falls. Instead of attacking him, this calms him down and conveys some information to him. Credit: Open Minds

This evidence was compiled from YOU TUBE / Dan Burisch, PROJECT CAMELOT and OPENMINDS.TV. Source




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