Were they REPTILIAN? Scientists find reptile footprints on two legs

Scientists have made an amazing discovery in Asia, they have found footprints from millions of years ago of a reptile that walked on two legs in a very similar way to humans, which could make conspiracy theorists think of “reptilians”.

The slopes are in excellent condition.
The footprints are in excellent condition The footprints date back 110 to 120 million years and were discovered after examining animal tracking sites in what is now known as South Korea.

As an animal walks, the hind legs have the potential to step on the hand-made mark and “oversee” it, but we found no evidence of this in these places.

Could these tracks be reptilian?
At first it was believed that they could be crocodiles, but crocodiles walk crouching and create wide paths. Interestingly, these footprints look very narrow, more like a crocodile swinging on a tightrope. When combined with the lack of tail drag marks, it became apparent that these creatures moved bipedally.

Professor Kyung Soo Kim of Chinju National University of Education adds that ancient crocodiles moved in the same way as many dinosaurs; however, the footprints were not made by these animals, as dinosaurs and their bird descendants walk on tiptoe, and crocodiles have found that they walk upright “leaving sharp impressions on the heel, as humans do.”

So what or who are these footprints?
However, paleontologists concluded that they likely belonged to another prehistoric animal: a species of bipedal crocodile they named Batrachopus grandis.

However, many disagree and claim that these footprints can undoubtedly be unpublished proof of the existence of the reptilians, who inhabited the earth for thousands of years before humanity.


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