US Navy Captain Tested Roswell UFO Crash Wreckage, Said It Was ‘INDESTRUCTIBLE’

There are several revelations from experts in different fields who not only said that Roswell happened but the wreckage from the accident was tested by selected engineers and scientists. John McLaughlin, president of the Silicon Valley Historical Association, said his father Captain Robert B. McLaughlin tested the strange material from the 1947 crash, which he described as “indestructible.”

A very well known UFO researcher Anthony Bragalia has done incredible research in bringing the story of US Navy Captain Robert McLaughlin to the public. Bragalia contacted Captain McLaughlin’s son John who said his father confessed to his involvement with the strange metal-like material he was asked to test before he passed away in 2000.

Anthony Bragalia has long investigated the UFO phenomenon. He found the scientists who were involved in studying the “memory metal” debris from the Roswell accident. His work has been featured in books such as Witness to Roswell, Inside the Real Area 51 and The Children of Roswell.

There may not be enough information about Captain McLaughlin, but he has maintained his interest in unidentified aerial phenomena. In March 1950 he wrote an article for “True Magazine” that revealed how a group of Navy men and scientists tracked a flying saucer with a precision instrument and told about the flights he and others had witnessed.

Commander Robert Bright McLaughlin was an expert in naval artillery and guided missiles. He was in charge of the Navy unit assisting on classified projects at the White Sands Proving Grounds, Las Cruces, New Mexico. He was also the Chief of the Naval Rocket Unit, rose to the rank of Captain and was a patent holder with Top Secret authorization.

Bragalia explained that John was surprised to find his father’s name in Frank Edwards’ book “Flying Saucers: Serious Business”.

Edwards wrote on page 76 of his book: “There are cases as difficult as the farmer near Roswell, New Mexico who called the sheriff saying that a burning disk-shaped object passed over his home at low altitude and crashed and burned. on a hillside within sight of your house. However, we were not told why the military cordoned off the area while inspecting the wreckage.” (Source)

When John was in his 20s he asked his father about his involvement in the UFO study and the Roswell accident. His father replied that an unusual event actually occurred in 1947 while he was at White Sands.

Captain McLaughlin received a visit from Roswell base from an army major, who had some very strange material. According to him it was a metal-like cloth or cloth with a peculiar fold or fold. But the characteristic that stuck out most in his mind was his sheer toughness and material strength. He reminded his son of the incredible and impenetrable properties of this material as the most incredible thing.

The major asked Captain McLaughlin to penetrate the material, but his military labs didn’t have the equipment that could make a hole in it. So they decided to take it to a workshop in White Sands, where a technician repeatedly tried to drill into the material.

John McLaughlin Son of Captain Robert McLaughlin. Image credit: Linkedin

John stated, “According to my dad, they couldn’t even make a scratch.” No doubt bewildered and disappointed, the Roswell Army Major took back the material and abruptly left without elaborating.

Bragalia explained that the military found many types of debris (from memory metal to larger canoe-shaped pieces to a strange metal beam-like material with ethereal violet hieroglyphic symbols embossed) at the Roswell crash site.

In addition Lieutenant Colonel Jesse Marcel who first broke the Roswell news to the public spoke of various types of debris, including a metal-like porous fabric-like material with memory properties.

Incredibly, Captain McLaughlin knew all about the Mogul project, which was the Air Force’s later explanation for what crashed at Foster Ranch, near Roswell, in July 1947. In fact, McLaughlin knew about this project (and therefore not could be the cause of the Roswell Debris Field) in the 1940s, decades before it was proposed by the government as the cause of the Roswell Incident.

Writing on his blog in September 2008, noted researcher Kevin Randle states that in a letter dated May 12, 1949 to famed astronomer James Van Allen (the Van Allen Belt), Robert McLaughlin tells Van Allen about military meteorologist Charles B. Moore, “who was head of Project Mogul for the Air Force.” This letter can be seen here.

Bragalia submitted a request to the US government about the UFO debris information they have under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) in 2017 and got a response from them. He received 150 pages of text from the US Military Intelligence Agency. According to the information released, there was a discussion about a certain material with shape recovery properties such as “memory metal”. (Source)

Bragalia Wrote:

“It appears that the recovered wreckage exhibits other extraordinary capabilities. In addition to ‘remembering’ their original shape when bent or crushed, some of these futuristic materials have the potential to make things invisible, ‘compress’ electromagnetic energy and even slow down light. While many of the details in the reports are redacted what can be seen is that these technologies represent a literal quantum leap beyond the properties of all existing material known to man.”

In the information received, there were several pages discussing some advanced technology related to nitinol, described as shape recovery alloy. He also noted that the agency’s response contained information about studies on the potential use of nitinol in the human body to improve health.

According to him, US scientists planned to create phase diagrams for the manufacture of metals with similar properties (memory effect) using very high purity titanium and nickel.

Bragalia wrote that the reports he received from the DIA mentioned a special type of highly engineered material known as a metamaterial, described as “multiple-element assemblies formed from composite materials such as metals and plastics.” Such material cannot be found in natural occurrences. Interestingly, within two months of the Roswell incident in September 1947, General George Shulgen of Air Intelligence described the “building materials” of the flying saucers as potentially being made of “composite or sandwich construction utilizing various combinations of metal and plastic.” ”.

Major Jesse Marcel involved in the incident reported it to be the wreckage of an “alleged” UFO in the famous Roswell Affair.

He said the UFO’s “fairing” was extremely light and strong, thin as aluminum foil. When crushed, it returned to its original position.


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