They warn that NASA can cause an alien invasion

Scientists warn about the transmission of signals to space in disrespectful ways by NASA.
Researchers at the University of Oxford in the UK warn that NASA’s willingness to communicate something specific to space with exact data about Earth and people could have unforeseen and incredibly dangerous results, including an attack by extraterrestrial species, reports The Telegraph.

This message, known as “Beacon in the Galaxy” (BITG), was written in a double encoding intended for a widespread language and is planned to establish contact with extraterrestrial life.

For this purpose, NASA recalled information such as the situation of the Earth in the planetary group, the composite synthesis of the planet and its graphic representations, as well as the DNA and digitized images of individuals. The transmission is expected to come from the SETI Institute’s Allen Telescope Group in California, USA, and China’s FAST radio telescope.

Anders Sandberg, Senior Analyst at the Future of Humanity Institute (FHI) in Oxford, accepts that such a transmission could be extremely dangerous, since on the unlikely occasion that an alien development receives the message, their reaction might not consist exclusively of a pleasant greeting.

Another FHI researcher at Oxford, Toby Ord, argues that a public debate should be coordinated before communicating signals to space. “I don’t think it’s a useful opportunity to move toward contact,” says Ord, who focuses on the lack of agreement among leading researchers about the proportion of unfriendly, calm civilizations in the world.

For what matters to them, the specialists of the BITG project guarantee that an alien species progressed to the point of achieving interplanetary correspondence “would undoubtedly have reached high degrees of participation among themselves and would know in this line the importance of harmony and effort coordinated.”

However, Canadian bioethicist and futurist George Dvorsky excuses such a hypothesis as an “old saying” and demands that one can imagine a “large number of situations” in which harmful aliens actually pose a danger.

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