Time Travel and UFOs – What Can Connect Them

It is the general belief that UFOs and aliens originate from distant star systems and galaxies, and that they travel to Earth using superior technology.

This theory is widely accepted because we do not have this technology and therefore we automatically believe that these objects must be driven by superior races from other planets. However, in my opinion, this theory has fundamental flaws and inconsistencies which are outlined below:

1. These flying objects have been seen in all shapes, sizes and colors. It’s like the aliens can’t decide which type of vehicle to use. The traditional form is the flat flying saucer.

Other shapes include cigars, spheres, pyramids, triangles and many other shapes. They have been reported in many colors such as silver, white, orange, red, black and others.

The question here is this; if these objects come from distant stars, then why are aliens using so much versatility? Or are we being visited by various alien species using different technology? If so, why do your ships look different, while the beings inside look the same?

2. If these aliens are from distant stars, they must be very advanced. Why would such advanced beings visit Earth for millennia and continue to study us? Certainly their advanced technology would allow them to collect what they need in a short time. Why do they keep coming? And what could possibly interest them so much to keep them here for thousands of years?

3. Why don’t they contact us? It has been suggested that contact with aliens would be the bane of religion and bring about unprecedented disturbances in our societies. Contact with superior alien beings could only help humanity in every way.

We would not have to turn our backs on religion, nor would we run in panic. That’s because these advanced beings would know exactly how to present themselves and how to ensure that we can only profit and learn from them. So why are they hiding from us and at the same time showing off enough?

These are the basic problems I have with the alien race theory. And as we evolve and develop, we will find it increasingly difficult to believe that UFOs visit Earth from distant stars. This is not to say that alien races do not exist, on the contrary, I truly believe that the stars are full of advanced civilizations, and that one day we will make contact with them.

So what are UFOs?
I believe UFOs are man-made time machines driven by humans who have evolved into what we call aliens. They come from our distant future and use these vehicles to travel to the past. When we look at UFOs and the “aliens” that drive them, we are really seeing how evolution is going to change humanity, and we are seeing what technology humanity will one day possess.

Remember that in the future humanity will have technology far superior to anything we can imagine today. It is highly feasible that, in the distant future, we will learn to control time. In fact, Albert Einstein’s Theory of Relativity suggests that time is distorted if an object travels at great speeds (faster than the speed of light).

Experiments have been carried out in this area and they indicate that the theory of relativity is correct. Once we have time travel under control, where will we go? I think the first thing we’re going to do is travel through Earth’s history. We will have the technology to travel to any point in time, we might, for example, want to see who actually built the pyramids and what happened to Atlantis.

But what will humanity look like 500,000 years from now? Will we be exactly as we are now? Or our bodies will evolve to accommodate the drastic changes our high-tech future is bringing us. It is likely that we look exactly like the reported aliens; long, skinny arms and legs, big, smart heads, and pigment-free skin.

If you compare the appearance of our distant cave-dwelling relatives to modern man and project this trend, then you’ll recognize that we’re going to get thinner, weaker, and smarter. We will really look like aliens in the distant future.

This theory has great advantages over others:

1. UFOs are seen in all varieties because they all originate from a different point in future time, so each type originates from a specific technological point in time. Disc-shaped UFOs can be from the 22nd century, cigars from the 23rd century, spheres from the 24th century, etc.

We see various types of objects originating from various points in man’s future. This can be compared to advances in the auto industry – each technological revolution has created a different looking car because the design must accommodate advanced technology and ergonomics.

2. Time travelers do not make contact because doing so would distort the time continuum and could cause time to split. The result of a big time split can be devastating and very difficult to “clean up”. So it might be best if everyone doesn’t make contact, which is probably why they don’t.

All of this is based on simple logic; if time travel is possible, the result will be someone actually doing it. This means that if they travel through time, we will see them in our time (if they don’t hide from us).

And that’s exactly the point – they might have the technology to travel through time, but not to be invisible, or at least on the first few attempts. And I believe they will have to travel in some kind of vehicle. So the end result is extremely advanced human beings appearing in some sort of vehicle – and to me that completely explains UFOs and “aliens”.

other theories
This leads me to “déjà vu”, a feeling that many people experience from time to time and which is described as “a feeling that I have already relived this moment”. In fact, this could be the result of a local time split. We don’t actually relive a moment – ​​rather, it’s two parallel but slightly out of sync realities.

For a moment, everything around you exists twice, the original reality and the distorted reality that is slightly different due to a division of time. Many time divisions can be caused by time travelers tainting and slightly changing events. And I believe they have technology that keeps things from getting out of hand – a kind of vacuum cleaner for time.

However, time divisions are unavoidable and can be responsible for many unsolved mysteries such as déjà vu and things that “disappear” like in the Bermuda Triangle area. Many of the unexplained mysteries documented may be the result of time divisions.

Much has been written about the paradoxes of time travel, and I would like to offer some of my views on the subject. Paradoxes exist because we do not (yet) have the ability to really understand the concept of how time actually works.

In order to understand time, we need to look at the Universe in a totally different way – I mean, in a completely different way. I believe the biggest mistake many of us make is believing that time is linear (beginning, middle and end). I don’t believe this to be the case. I believe that time (as we understand it) does not exist – all events that have ever happened and will always happen at the same time! It is our perception of time that makes us think otherwise.

Imagine for a moment a piece of music on a CD. We hear the music linearly (from start to finish), but the music is actually stored on the media non-linearly, and all the digital information on the CD exists at the same time and there is no beginning or end. Our perception (the CD player) “serves” the music little by little. It is quite feasible that time conceptually works in exactly the same way.

I’m afraid that traveling through a traditional linear time model is very difficult to achieve. The reason is that time presented in this way is nothing more than the matter of the Universe arranged in a certain way at a certain moment, and to travel through that time it would be necessary to rearrange the matter to reflect a specific point in time.

Whereas the non-linear approach does not involve matter. Furthermore, the non-linear approach completely eliminates questions like “when did time begin” and “how can it go on forever” – time simply exists at the same time.

But it could be that the Universe is also not linear, and it is only our perception that gives us a sense of the depth of space. If the two systems (space and time) are both non-linear, then to me this explains almost all the mysteries of existence – everything we experience, including time and space, is nothing more than a perception of something that in reality it’s quite simple.


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