Man Who Posted Video of Giant Humanoid Figure on Mountain in Canada Dies in Strange Circumstances

Something strange and sinister happened to Canadian Andrew Dawson who posted a video of a giant humanoid figure on top of a mountain on his TikTok account. First he said he was harassed by the CIA then he oddly admitted his video was a hoax and now Dawson is Dead.

The story
As we posted on MEP Dawson recorded what appeared to be a huge figure on top of a mountain. The tiktoker explained that the sighting took place earlier this year when Dawson himself and a friend were on their way to work in Canada’s Alberta province. Their journey took a strange turn when they spotted something unusual coming out of the massive Whistlers Peak, an 8,000-foot mountain peak located in Jasper National Park in the Trident Range of the Canadian Rockies.

While filming the intriguing figure his friend asked Dawson what he was seeing and he replied in amazement, “It’s a person, man”. Although his partner expressed understandable skepticism about what he had just seen, the anomaly shown in the video appears to be a rather large figure that is inexplicably found on the mountain.

Dawson became obsessed with solving the mystery of the “giant” on the mountain. His first thought is that he had engraved a yeti. He went back to the mountain but didn’t see anything strange in the same place and when he wanted to climb the mountain someone mysterious forbade him. It was then that his life changed completely. He publicly denounced that he was being persecuted. He said there were strange people in a car in front of his house. So he assumed he had done something wrong and was being hunted by CIA agents. But the story took a 180 degree turn when one day he posted a video in which with some nervousness and looking like someone was watching him, he recognized that it was all a hoax.

Dawson’s inexplicable change in behavior caused a stir on social media, where many felt that he had been forced to make such a statement and that he actually recorded an actual giant humanoid. However skeptics said the whole story was false, dragged for weeks on TikTok to gain views and followers. But as with these types of cases, Dawson’s story has fallen by the wayside.

The Death of Andrew Dawson
Once again, we have a new story update, albeit with a fatal outcome. Andrew Dawson passed away on July 1, 2022 according to the obituary released by his relatives. Most disturbing of all, though, is that his death occurred just days after he confessed to the alleged mistake. We don’t know what Dawson died of but apparently his death was sudden. There are even theories about suicide. But in the video he looked like a vigorous, healthy looking man, strong and taking care of his appearance.

After the confession video Dawson posted two more videos: one titled “I’m scared” and the second showing the same mountain where he recorded the giant on which Dawson saw some kind of structure and asked if it could be military.

Before posting the video of the mountain giant Dawson was a regular tiktoker, posting videos with his dog, eating ice cream, about work, family and trying out different hairstyles. Nothing showed that he was a fan of conspiracy theories, yetis, aliens, etc.

It is not the first time
Unfortunately these types of tragic events are not uncommon. In 2018, we learned of the death of well-known UFO expert and conspiracy theorist Max Spiers. To many Spiers he was a man who spent much of his life searching for answers to some of life’s darkest and most disturbing questions. Max died unexpectedly and apparently for no apparent reason in July 2018 in Poland but months after his death some details were revealed that seemed to indicate that there was a “black hand”.

Max Spiers 39 claimed to be a “super soldier” of a secret government program. He was considered an expert on UFOs and conspiracies, had lived in the US for years but before his death he returned to his mother in the UK. He was working with science fiction writer Madlen Namro and with Monika Duval who is believed to have slept with him on his trip to Warsaw. According to Vanessa Bates mother of Max Spiers the official cause of her son’s death was not “natural causes” she also revealed that just days before her death she received a strange and disturbing text message from her son. In the message he warned that his life could be in danger. In addition, Max Spiers indicated to his mother that if something happened to him, she should investigate.

The truth is that we don’t like to publish this kind of news. However, we are obliged to publicly denounce this type of sinister practices by different government bodies with the sole purpose of hiding the truth of the reality around us.

What do you think of Andrew Dawson’s death?



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