NASA photos showing strange objects on Mars are real for this reason

Although conspiracy theorists and YouTubers say otherwise, these are the reasons why these photos published by NASA are real.
Conspiracy theorists are running an internet campaign denouncing NASA’s images of Mars as fake or manipulated, as these images, taken mainly by the Curiosity and Perseverance rovers, have traveled all over the world, where hundreds of images of strange characters, attracting attention and awakening the imagination. On the one hand, there is a group of fans who look at photos and videos uploaded to the NASA portal every day and try to find anything that seems strange to them, an object that resembles a trail of people on Mars or alien technology. The other party denies that the photos are real and argues that everything is the product of media manipulation and that the photos are completely false.

But who is right?

The truth is that the images that NASA releases on its website of Curiosity and Perseverance are “raw” images also called “raw” in English, that is, these images are published as they are sent from the rovers that are on Mars and have not been manipulated or processed.

The images, which can be accessed by anyone with an Internet connection, show the rover’s ongoing work on Mars and have not been “manipulated” or altered. When they arrive, they will be published. That is why they are called raw or raw since nothing has changed.

It should be added that when the images became public, they attracted the interest of hundreds of people around the world who were happy to examine each photo, trying to find “something extraordinary” that the team at CALTECH and JPL missed. For example, one of the most famous cases is the strange light captured on Mars by the Curiosity rover on April 3, 2014. The image is as follows:

The image is raw and has not been altered. However, the strange light caught the attention of people reviewing the images at that time, a fact that had been overlooked by the CALTECH-JPL team who command the Curiosity rover.

The image is part of the raw or raw images that have not been altered or manipulated, however, the unsuspecting public that first saw the photo keeps repeating that the image was altered and manipulated by NASA, although this never happened.

But the photo of a strange light on Mars is not the first case, since in 1976, the Viking 1 probe took what may be the most famous and terrifying photo of Mars, the mountain in what is known as Cydonia.

At the time, the public had two views, one that the photo was doctored, one that it was the work of the US central government; others that it was evidence of advanced extraterrestrial life on the red planet.

For decades, new images have emerged and continue to emerge showing strange objects postulated to have extraterrestrial life, or at least that life once existed on Mars.

They are neither evidence of extraterrestrial life nor are they manipulated, they are simply real

Recently, the Perseverance rover sent back some images of Jezero Crater, showing what appears to be a doorway. Although the opening of the portal was caused by weathering or differential erosion explained by geology, both groups used the image for their purposes. The first group confirmed that the cracks in the rock did not arise naturally, but were caused by someone. The rest of the general public claimed that the image was fake and that it had been manipulated, however, none of the groups provided scientific evidence that it was one of them.

The truth is that it is neither one nor the other. They are not processed images or evidence of extraterrestrial life. They are simply objects that formed naturally over the millions of years of evolution on the red planet, and because of this particular psychological “phenomenon” of pereidolia, people tend to associate the images with familiar things or creatures.

The most important thing about this theme is that the images are real, they have never been manipulated. They are as they are appreciated and they are not human works or extraterrestrial intelligence, they simply are what they are.

Perhaps these reasons and evidence will never convince fans of one side or another; but it is necessary to know that neither is extraterrestrial life nor are the images manipulated, but that they are real.

Why are images of these strange objects almost always of poor quality?

One of the arguments of people who ignore almost everything about the world of technology and planetary astronomy is that the images that show these objects and that they affirm that they are complete lies and manipulations, is because these images are almost always false. low to very low resolution, but why is this so? Let’s see.

Everything is because the images in question are small “crops” made by a specialized group in the image, that is, the original raw photo shows a larger scene or a larger landscape than the one that appears in the image in question. . They are actually cutouts of the image, and as cutouts they are necessarily lower resolution than the “mother” image, but both are original images, i.e. they will not be altered by CGI or A.I. But they are as is, just a very small portion of the source image.

Is the above argument proof to convince those who claim the images are fake? No amount of evidence or proof we give them will suffice. There is no power of conviction (nor will there be) in science with a person who has decided to renounce the evidence and the use of reason.


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