Neil Armstrong Confided to Italian Journalist That UFOs Keenly Watched Them on the Moon

Al Worden, Command Module Pilot of the Apollo 15 lunar mission in 1971, once said in an interview that Earth was visited by a space civilization, then they settled here and now we know them as humans. Furthermore, the late Italian journalist Sergio Zavoli claimed that Neil Armstrong confirmed to him that they had been observed by someone else on the Moon.

A recently published article in Avvenire an Italian daily newspaper titled “Cose dell’altro mondo (Non noi loose)” claims that the Apollo 11 astronaut and the first man to set foot on the Moon Mr. Armstrong saw something mysterious on the Moon that he insistently watched the astronauts. The article is written by Alessandra Zavoli, wife of the great Italian politician and journalist Sergio Zavoli. She passed away on August 4, 2020.

“I [Sergio] interviewed Neil Armstrong. The astronaut confided in me that during the final phase of the satellite approach, he had seen a group of mysterious objects nearby. At 4:05 am on the morning of July 21, 1969, in Houston – when [Mission Control Center] asked him about interference with radio transmissions – he replied: ‘I see huge objects, they look like spaceships and, what is worse, they look to us with insistence.’ ”

NASA officials have denied any information about UFOs on the Moon or simply refused to comment on such statements, but evidence has recently been published that Apollo 11 astronauts witnessed a mysterious phenomenon during their trip to the Moon. It took seven years to digitize old files and now they are available here.

In the audio files one can feel the alarm of the astronauts when they talked about a radiant object that had an oblong shape. The speed of the unidentified object was very significant and the object itself left the moon’s orbit which can be understood from these records.

In 1987 British UFO researcher Timothy Good wrote a book titled “Above Top Secret: The Worldwide U.F.O. Cover-Up”, in which he claimed that Neil Armstrong saw “other” spacecraft. It was the most bizarre claim ever made. Is there any truth in Mr. Good?

Timothy Good was once called “Britain’s leading UFO researcher” by the British weekly Observer. After submitting his book, he was involved in the initial publication of the alleged Majestic 12 documents. Later, according to skeptic Phil Klass, Good questioned the authenticity of at least some of the documents. In 2007, the CIA cited Above Top Secret as one of the sources that contributed to “the idea that the CIA secretly concealed its UFO research.” Additionally in May 2019 Tom DeLonge of Blink-182 credited Good’s book with “opening eyes” to UFOs, leading to DeLonge’s development of To The Stars.

According to Good, a former MI6 agent told him that Neil Armstrong suggested to her that there were “other” spacecraft on the Moon when Apollo 11 landed in 1969. In his book “Above Top Secret,” Good wrote that there are certain people (whose identities are still questionable) who claimed that Armstrong did indeed encounter UFOs on the Moon.

Otto Binder, Maurice Chatelain and Dr. Vladimir Azhazha are some names that Mr. Good mentioned in his book that he worked for NASA during Apollo 11. According to Mr. Good, they all claimed that some radio amateurs received the message from NASA, in which Armstrong said he had seen other spacecraft. But there’s more to this story

In addition to Armstrong, the second man on the Moon named Buzz Aldrin may add some light to the alleged Apollo 11 UFO encounter on the Moon. Documentary filmmaker James Fox claimed in a podcast that he met Fay Ann Aldrin, sister of the second man on the moon, Buzz Aldrin. According to Ann, Buzz Aldrin said that “something followed them to the Moon.”

Fox stated that Aldrin was ready to tell his story, before pulling out of an interview at the last moment for fear of being labeled a “UFO freak”. Although he did not tell his story to James Fox, Aldrin spoke publicly to the Science Channel, stating that the objects were following Apollo 11, to which NASA responded by issuing a statement, claiming that Aldrin was taken out of context and that the objects seen by the crew they were “upper stage spacecraft separation panels”.

Aldrin has previously stated that there is a monolith on Mars’ moon Phobos. He said: “We must visit the moon of Mars, there is a monolith there, a very unusual structure in this small potato-shaped object that goes around Mars once every seven hours. When people find out about it, they’ll say, ‘Who put that there? Who put it there? Well, the universe put you there, or if you choose, God put you there.”

Buzz’s participation in the Phobos monolith mystery has encouraged UFO hunters and other researchers to look for the sign of alien life on Mars. NASA has been exploring the universe for decades and has plausibly found UAP on many occasions, otherwise they would never turn off a live video when foreign objects entered the screen.

Mr. Armstrong never publicly discussed his thoughts on UFOs and aliens. However, that didn’t stop him from continuing to look for the answers. Did you know that he once set out to unravel the truth behind a giant cave in the Andes that is linked to the extraterrestrial hypothesis?

Yet no one knows why Mr. Armstrong agreed to go in search with Stan Hall. But he was hailed as a hero by the Shuar people when he arrived there. The people who saw him descend the stairs into the cave witnessed another great step forward for humanity. He was intrigued after his scientific exploration of the lunar surface and was eager to know what was left behind in our galaxy. Armstrong said the expedition was as big as the Moon.

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