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Mysterious drawings appear in wheat plantation in West SC

A wheat plantation dawned with agroglyph marks this Tuesday (4) and is intriguing residents in Ipuaçu, in the west of Santa Catarina. Experts point out that the drawings may be related to the presence of Unidentified Flying Object (U̳F̳O̳) in the region.

The act was recorded by farmer Sérgio Girotto, 62 years old. He says he was at home, drinking chimarrão, when he received images of circles drawn in the middle of the wheat on an app.

— I was looking at WhatsApp, as I do every morning, and the images were already there. And then I went to look at [the plantation] and I came across this situation,” he explains.

Girotto also says that it is not the first time that the brands appear on the plantation. In 2013, a similar situation occurred about 150 meters from where the drawings appeared this morning.

– I think funny. This is a mystery, and we don\’t know how to explain it. It\’s been happening for years, but it hasn\’t appeared for four years and now it\’s back,” he adds.

For farmer Tiago Kosinski, who went from Abelardo Luz to the site, what most caught his attention was the perfection of the images.

— What impressed me the most is the perfection of this formation, of this geometric figure, which has five geometric symbols. It\’s a very beautiful thing,” he says.

As for the therapist Fernanda Garcia, what impressed was the energy of the brands:

— As I am very sensitive, I felt a very strong energy in that place. It has a very important, very beautiful meaning, I think it\’s a message for all of us, we have to decipher it.

Soil mapping and communication can explain brands, says U̳F̳O̳logist
Crop circles are circles that appear in crops, created through flattening. Ipuaçu is even considered the national capital of this type of manifestation, due to the amount of occurrences recorded in the region. The first time took place in 2008, according to the city hall.

According to U̳F̳O̳logist Luiz Prestes, the drawings recorded this morning are of a true agroglyph, since the vegetation does not show any deformation.

“If it had been man-made, using wood and rope, the vegetation in the lower areas would have been partially raised,” he says.

According to the expert, what is known is that crop circles are related to U̳F̳O̳s, and that the explanations for their formation are many, from the attempt to communicate to the mapping of the soil.

DC has contacted Epagri, who will not comment on the matter.

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