UFO Appeared Minutes Before DART Probe Collided With Asteroid Dimorphos, Researchers Say

Ufologist Snakedos believes the object seen near the asteroid Dimorphos may not be what it seems. At least for now there is no solid evidence that it is a spacecraft, as the images are blurry and of poor quality. However the object may be of extraterrestrial origin.

Before viewing the article See the NASA U̳F̳O̳ gallery in the Video below.

The first part of the mission was a success. According to plans, the main probe collided with Dimorphos, the smallest of the asteroids in the Didymos system. The DART spacecraft sent images every second as it approached the surface of the asteroid it was about to collide with.

As the spacecraft approaches Dimorphos something (U̳F̳O̳?) in the form of a black shadow can be seen in the video passing over the asteroid.

Recent images clearly showed regoliths, rocks and sand rising from the asteroid\’s surface. And the last box highlighted in red indicated a lost connection.

The DART team is currently determining the degree of change in Dimorphos\’ orbit to test the impact of the collision on its orbit. However, neither NASA nor the European Space Agency (ESA) has made a statement about the strange object that appeared minutes before the Dimorphos impact. I wonder what happened?

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