The Strange Story of J-Rod, An EBE “Extraterrestrial Biological Entity”

I found it amusing because he indicated that the big boss of the project was an extraterrestrial biological entity he knew as J-Rod that arrived on Earth in 1953. According to another source named BJ discussed later in this article, the “J” and “Rod ” were derived from early attempts to establish communication between the extraterrestrial biological entity EBE and US scientists familiar with contact with EBE.

Since the launch of the MJ-12 Eisenhower reported Documents in the early 1980s the term EBE has come into popular usage to designate gray-colored diminutive humanoids associated with fallen discs. Another variant spelling is Eben used by physicist Paul Bennewitz and others.

Some insinuated that Ebens were also a class of EBEs with certain distinct physical characteristics and claimed to be working with our military scientists and engineers on various projects. According to BJ, no language interfaces with the EBE existed in 1953, so a series of symbols were shown to test their reactions. Some symbols looked like letters and others were geometric shapes.

The first symbol EBEN pointed to looked like a “J”. The other was an “inertial bar” that looked like a rod. So the humans called Eben the “J-Rod”. I was confused because I wondered why he was releasing information about a highly classified operation and was also skeptical about another “whistleblower” with stories about Area 51 and S-4.

Kingman, Arizona 1953

Engineer Bill Uhouse claims that an Eben aircraft crashed near Kingman, Arizona, in 1953 and that four entities survived. That would have been six years after the most famous Roswell accidents and “interplanetary spacecraft of unknown origin” recoveries.

At Kingman, according to Uhouse, two disabled Ebens and two others that were in good condition were recovered by US government units specially trained for rescue missions. The two nonhumans in good condition were allowed to re-enter the craft and the disabled entities were taken to an unspecified medical facility.

He also claims that a retrieval team that entered the ship to inspect it came down with a mysterious illness. The craft was then loaded aboard a trailer and transported to the Nevada test site north of Las Vegas.

Bill Uhouse claims that the events at Kingman eventually resulted in the project that employed him to design and build a flight simulator that our aviators could use to learn to fly a saucer. Bill claims that he met one of the aliens who apparently oversaw this project and was known as J-Rod. Bill says he worked at both Los Alamos and Area 51.

Bill tells a fascinating story, and it would have remained just a story until I read about a document purporting to be a technical paper on tissue samples taken from an EBE known as AQ-J-CAJADO. BJ says the “AQ” stands for Project Aquarium under the Majestic-12 group created by US President Harry S. Truman in 1947 and assigned to research the crashed disc and non-human bodies that fell on the United States in the 1940s.

J-Rod, Technical Consultant, Nevada Test Site

On visits to the flight simulator Bill Uhouse occasionally saw who acted as a technical advisor to the top-secret program Bill worked on. It was J-Rod, a typical gray EBE with no hair and no facial expressions. He had large black eyes or ocular lenses that are typical of these creatures. He would have been 200 years old, suffering from cellular deterioration and still located at Papoose S-4, Area 51 in Nevada. But I cannot confirm this. According to Bill Uhouse, the funny thing was how he dressed in human pants and a baggy shirt. His shoes were different but I don’t know how. His four-fingered hands were long.

When a retired US Air Force major saw Uhouse’s drawing of J-Rod, he said, “Except for the long nails and the volume, this looks like J-Rod. He was skinny and didn’t have long nails.”

Editorial Note by EARTHFILES Reporter and Editor Linda Moulton Howe: In September 1998 a source I interviewed at length and who simply wants to be called “Kewper” told me that he worked for both the CIA and the Army Signal Corps between 1956 and 1960 He was stationed at an Army school teaching cryptography in the southeastern United States. His supervisor asked Kewper to join a highly classified CIA group to analyze photographs, drawings, documents and other evidence from around the world related to the presence of a non-human intelligence. Kewper said that in August 1958 he, his boss and five other CIA colleagues flew to Nellis AFB, Nevada, for a meeting with a USAF colonel in a built-up area in the Papoose Mountains near Groom Lake called S-4. there, t

Not only did the group see seven round craft within a hollow area of ​​the Papoose Mountains, but were taken to an office to telepathically communicate with a gray non-human working in some capacity with the US government. For more information on Kewper’s story, see Radio Archives May 31, 1998 Dreamland and Coast to Coast AM about Kewper, CIA and Area-51.

BJ, Dr. Dan Burisch and J-Rod Tissue Analysis

I sent a copy of the document I received referencing J-Rod to a contact of mine in Las Vegas known as BJ. She was working with her friend, Dr. Dan Burisch, on anomalous objects appearing in images of Mars, especially in an area known as the “Inca City”. It appears that Dan had previously worked in the super-secret S-4 facility as Dr. Danny Benjamin Crain, a microbiologist who had collected tissue samples from an EBE. He was listed on the document I received as Danny Benjamin Crain, Ph.D. (Captain, United States Navy, N.R.L.) Task Force Leader, Project Aquarius, R-4800, Papoose Site 4.

In BJ’s words, “When confronted with the evidence Dr. Burisch became highly defensive, but later admitted that he had indeed been involved with experiments on tissue of an ‘unknown nature’ that ultimately proved to be samples from an ‘alien’ source. . it was also confirmed that material of alien origin was obtained from an extraterrestrial biological entity housed deep within this base”, in a secure facility that resembled a perfectly round and clean ball-shaped sphere or chamber. Because? I don’t know. This revelation set off a series of problems: our internet and telephone communications were suddenly monitored and interfered with.

The source of this interference was ultimately determined to be Dr. Burisch “from up there” that they were monitoring everything Dan said for fear that he would divulge confidential information. He received threatening and intimidating visits from representatives of his former employers to his home and place of work as a warning not to speak about the matter further.

According to BJ, Dr. Burisch even had his hand broken and eventually his memories were altered so that he didn’t remember anything about S-4 and J-Rod. But a document leaked from Area-51 with Dr. Dan Crain and describing in detail the nature of the experiments that were taking place in the lab under Area-51 – experiments that Dan declined to talk about.

This document indicates that Dr. Dan Burisch (who had his name legally changed to Burisch de Crain in the mid-1990s) was the scientist responsible for entering the ‘clean sphere’ and taking over 200 tissue samples from the alien housed there and for helping to coordinate the research. science on alien DNA. The content of this document is frightening.

He describes in great detail the types of tissue preparations needed for the propagation of alien tissue and the use of human DNA taken from a corpse to attempt to repair a neural fault among ‘aliens’ that was thought to be genetic. He also discusses the team’s unanimous disapproval of ongoing genetic engineering efforts (by whose authority?) that could have an ‘interbreeding intent’ of humans and aliens to apparently revitalize the alien species.

Excerpts from Area-51 Leaked Document Signed by Dr. Dan Crain, aka Dr. Dan Burisch

“This document (identified as Q-94-109A) is forwarded to the appropriate MAGIC-level directorate authorities of the Naval Space Command in accordance with UNOST (adopted December 19, 1966: enforced October 10, 1967) …… the contents of this report should be considered as a final report (specification K-24) from the Principal Investigator, Working Group Leader (R-4800, Occupant Papoose Site 4). “The results of IN VITRO experimentation under the NSA/NSC Aquarius-directed Project (Subintegument Neuronal Aspirative Avulsion Sampling Subsection King-35 {K-24, Extraterrestrial Biological Entity {EBE} also known as ‘AQ-J-Rod’ {JR}) are listed here.”

The report goes on to state that: “…the methodology required the introduction of the Principal Investigator into the Pressurized Clean Sphere, which constituted an I.G.A. – stated “Immediate Encounter with Extraterrestrial (E.C.E.), Class IV.c.” Under the section titled “ORDER “, the general study objective was explained: “Determine, with scientific certainty, the reasons for the failure of neuronal repair in vivo at dendritic terminal ends, from a set of cell samples in vitro.

Rank such reasons, functionally, to determine the mechanisms of such failure then isolate the most likely pre-existing cellular conditions, allowing for adequate regeneration. “The physiology wasn’t repairing itself – at least in the neural tissue – the way it should.) The report continues….. [Tissue samples that were taken from the EBE were grown on an agar medium made of] “Combinations 10,000/100,000 (%) pressurized racemic dictosthelium-deoxycholate and glucose acetate.” This medium produced the highest rates of fibrillar, cell growth. The report went on to say that “nominal contamination restriction protocols were followed” and cited “Cross Contamination Protocol 6, N.R.L., Document number Q-93-016B for procedural guidelines”.

Brief history of alleged Eben visitors

EBE-1 was reportedly taken alive from one of the 1947 flying saucer crashes and was held captive in an underground area at the Los Alamos Laboratory, New Mexico. EBE-1 died of unknown causes on June 18, 1952.

J-ROD was allegedly recovered from a crashed disk near Kingman, Arizona and taken to Nevada Test Site and Area 51, S-4, Groom Lake and the Papoose Mountain engineering bay research and development complex. Some insiders have suggested that J-Rod may have been part of the EBE-3 team, but I think he arrived separately after the Kingman, Arizona crash in 1953.

EBE-2 arrived in April 1964 for the first “official” landing and contact. The location was a highly secure Area 17 at White Sands (not Holloman AFB) located south of the Shuttle’s current landing site. The EBE-2 was described during a March 5, 1983 interview with former AFOSI agent at Los Alamos as being 4′ 9″ tall and having a very thin body: He was dressed in a tight-fitting jumpsuit and only four fingers and none The interview would have taken place at Los Alamos National Labs on a Site 30 inside the TA49. The EBE-2 departed in 1984 according to two alleged CIA memos shown to me by a former employee of Wright-Patterson and Sandia Labs. EBE-3 came as an exchange scientist in 1978 along with two assistants. One assistant was assigned to Groom Lake and the other was assigned to the Los Alamos Laboratory. EBE-3 was male and the LANL assistant was female .EBE-3 and its auxiliaries left in November 1994.

There you have it – a wonderful story and a provocative document to add to all the other leaked MJ-12 and Project Aquarius documents. You can claim this is just a fantastical tale or CIA disinformation (what for?), but the truth is, we don’t know. The separate testimonies and documents need further research and analysis. We also need more individuals who are willing to give their testimony and have their background authenticated by researchers if we are to spend additional efforts seeking the truth about the extraterrestrial presence If you have more information about J-Rod and Ebens, please contact Bill Hamilton at: [email protected]


My thanks to Bill Uhouse, Robert Collins, B.J. and Robert for sharing information about J-Rod and the Ebens. And to Linda Moulton Howe and Kewper for the comparative drawing of Kewper’s August 1958 firsthand encounter at Papoose S-4, Area 51, Nellis Air Force Base.

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