Arizona Man Filmed Huge Solid UFO in Phoenix: He Delivers Videos to MIB and Disappears

One of the eyewitnesses named Richard Curtis from Arizona claiming to have solid evidence of the incident contacted local councilor Frances Barwood. He disappeared after an encounter with MIB in a media reveal.

Frances Barwood, a member of the city council opened an investigation into the incident. As military and local authorities had already managed to assert that the lights seen by eyewitnesses were just beacons, his co-workers found his behavior ridiculous.

Barwood received a call from Richard Curtis a few months later. He immediately said that he had extremely detailed footage of the Phoenix Lights despite being a wounded ex-soldier. He claimed that he had personally captured them using high quality equipment.

“He said you could see the shape. He said you could see how big it was compared to the buildings around it and all. He described that the lights were gassy. He was so excited to get it all on video,” Barwood remembers him telling her. Furthermore, Curtis admitted to Barwood that he had no idea who else to call and that he trusted her.

A drawing of the object created by witness Tim Ley appeared in USA Today.

Since most of the Phoenix Lights footage up to this point was just patches of light on a dark background, Barwood was intrigued by this message. Curtis agreed to provide copies of the footage to Barwood’s office after she urged him to do so. However, days passed and she did not receive the films either in the mail or in the mail. “I thought he made it up. He didn’t have video, you know, all that stuff,” she said.

A week later, Curtis called Barwood at her home and asked her thoughts on the films. Barwood informed him that he had not received them and expressed his astonishment. Curtis went on to tell her that after the phone call two men stopped by her house. The two “similar-looking” individuals were fully covered in black (black three-piece suits, black shoes, black hats, black suitcases, etc.). The men weren’t dressed in jackets or other gear, although it was quite cold outside. It felt strange to Curtis.

He asked the men if they were from Barwood’s office and they confirmed. So they asked about the Phoenix Lights videos, specifically to find out if Curtis had copied them. They replied that they would make copies for him themselves when he said he couldn’t. Curtis then handed them his videos and the two men left his house in a black sedan.

Barwood informed Curtis that she had no men in her office and that all of her employees were female. “I had no idea who these guys were. It looks so bizarre. Nothing made sense to me,” Barwood remembered thinking. All this infuriated Richard Curtis who concluded that the authorities had deceived him. In an interview with Phoenix TV he talked about everything that happened, including the visit of the “Men in Black” and that they recorded their videos.

And shortly after that when Barwood tried to call Curtis she found he wasn’t answering. When she arrived at his apartment he was not there, but neighbors reported that Curtis had allegedly taken a defective medication and had been transported by ambulance to the hospital. There were no records of Curtis being admitted to any hospital in the Phoenix area when Barwood started looking for him there.

Barwood made the decision to have her phone lines checked by a professional when she questioned how strangers knew about the tapes. He visited her home and performed his tests there. After that, he went outdoors. “He wouldn’t come home. He went to the back door and said, “No, I’m not going in. Yes, your phone is tapped is a government tapping,” she said.

As the military and authorities insisted that the Phoenix lights were nothing more than flares, Barwood was surprised to learn that someone from the US government had tapped his phones. Richard Curtis disappeared without a trace.

Phoenix City Councilor Frances Emma Barwood is sitting in her North Phoenix home with a copy of The Arizona Republic that advertises “UFO Mania” on its front page on June 20, 1997. Barwood didn’t see the lights, but many people called her demanding an explanation.

It became a worldwide sensation over the next few months. It was “the second biggest case in ufology after Roswell,” according to the late Art Bell, host of the paranormal radio show Coast to Coast AM.

The bizarre light show, according to skeptics, was caused by man-made aircraft from Luke Air Force Base Glendale or other nearby military installations conducting training exercises. Phoenix lights, according to ufologists, were not of this world.

Below you can find a transcript of a FOX10 NEWS (Phoenix Lights) reported by Jim Schnabel:

Narrator: Months after this sighting (March 13) there are many questions about the strange lights over Phoenix. Is this a solid ship, or just lights in an empty sky? What could be conclusive evidence is now mysteriously missing. Richard Curtis claims his home video is proof that this sighting was a massive flying craft. And he claims his video shows a solid object in the sky passing over his house.

Curtis: I saw the underside (of the ship) as it passed through Phoenix, because the lights illuminated the underside and partially blocked out the clouds and stars. : narration: Curtis called Councilwoman Frances Emma Barwood, wanting to show her the footage. : (on screen: crop to a photo of Barwood)

Barwood: He said he had it on two videotapes and if I’d like them then I said, “Of course I would.” and he could give me copies of them. He said he would. I told him how to take them to my office and mark them as ‘personal and confidential’.

Narrator: But before Curtis could send copies to Barwood he was visited by two mysterious men in black. : Curtis: (MIB) They were dressed in black suits, with black hats and sunglasses. They asked me if I had tapes for Councilwoman Barwood and I said “Yes they are right here”. They said, “We’ve come to get you.” So I said, “Great!” and just give (the original tapes) to them.

Barwood: I don’t know and have no idea who these two men were as I only have women working in my office. It’s absolutely intriguing to me.

Narrator: Did the tapes ever exist and if so, were they proof of more than “lights” in the sky? And who were these mysterious Men in Black who supposedly took them?

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