Most Bizarre UFO Captured by a Million-Dollar Airplane-Mounted Camera

Over the years there have been numerous UFO sightings. It was April 2013 Aguadiya, Puerto Rico. The US Customs and Border Patrol went on a routine mission but did not expect to experience such an unusual situation.

Shortly after taking off they saw a strange light coming towards them. Caught off guard, the pilot immediately turns on the thermographic camera.

What is a Thermographic Camera

Long-range HD Daynight IP Multi-Sensor thermal night vision

A thermographic camera, or thermal camera, is nothing more than a device that makes it possible to capture infrared light in order to transform it into a visible range of the spectrum. That is, through it you can see the images that are made from the radiation that a particular object emits.

In addition, this type of equipment works with wave distances present in the thermal infrared zone.

The million-dollar camera mounted on the plane immediately caught the culprit. We’ve seen a lot of UFO footage, but nothing like this one. Imagine an alien race that possesses such technology what else are they capable of? Let’s check out the most bizarre UFO sighting captured on camera to date.

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