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Mysterious CROP CIRCLE appears in an agricultural field in Brazil, extraterrestrial message?

Crop circles are incredible works of art. While some think aliens are the cause of these amazing spectacles, there is a lot of evidence to the contrary. Some researchers say that it is the energies of the Earth along with those of the Cosmos that create these Agroglyphs. The popularity of crop circles has been slowly declining in recent decades as their appearances have slowed, but they remain interesting features in the UFO landscape.

Crop circles are not lies. These impressive geometric patterns are being spotted all over the world, whatever their cause. They have appeared in almost every country and thousands of them have been documented over the past 40 years. <Researcher Colin Andrews coined the term “crop circle” in the late 1970s and today in 2022 they continue to appear.

Mysterious crop circle

One of the mysterious formations recently appeared in a Brazilian wheat field. According to the Brazilian media NSC Total, the Crop Circle was discovered on Tuesday morning in the municipality of Ipuaçu and consists of a series of concentric shapes starting with a pentagon on the outside, followed by a circle, then a triangle and finally ending with a sphere. full in the center. As is almost always the case with such crop formations, the origins of the strange formation are a mystery as the owner of the field had no idea it had appeared on his property until someone informed him over breakfast.

Similarly, a neighbor said he saw nothing unusual in the camp when he returned home Monday night, but saw the circle when he woke up shortly after dawn on Tuesday. Strangely, this is actually the second time that the farmer has been a victim of such a phenomenon, since another drawing appeared in his field in 2015. To this end, even if not as abundant as in England, crop circles are not an entirely rare phenomenon in Brazil, where the formations have appeared with some regularity since 2008, when an intrinsic pattern found in the community of Toldo Velho caused a considerable stir up and attract thousands of curious visitors.

And in 2020, after a UFO sighting, mysterious circles appeared in the sand of a beach on the Brazilian coast between Magistério and Torres, one of which much larger than the others. Since it was sand, it was difficult to tell if the footprints around them were proof that they had been created by man.

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